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Janurary GG Changelog

Discussion in 'GG' started by Miyuka, Jan 7, 2018.

Janurary GG Changelog
  1. Miyuka Retired Staff

    Hello, everyone! There's a few things that were recently patched that I wanted to share with you!


    • Offhand is no longer a thing. Don't try duel wielding your diamond swords, it won't work anymore! This was done due to an exploit found with using the offhand with multiple items.
    • Shields are GONE! We completely remove the shield from GG. Wasn't a thing that was really used anyways, figured we should remove it with the new addition of Offhand being gone.

      Thanks to Doc for his help with the recent patches.
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  2. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Thanks Miyuka and Doc for keeping up the work!
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  3. Miyuka Retired Staff

    :heart: No problem!
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  4. Manaea Platinum

    I'd really love to play it more, but for EU players, like myself, there's just no way we can play competitively because of the latency we've got, which averages between 150 ~ 200. But it is still good to see it is regularly maintained!
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  5. ohxd Silver

    Is there any news on the legendary-exclusive maps? So we don't have to deal with people using legendaries in the minez maps while people are practicing, but they'll still have a map to test them if they want. (I do appreciate the work you did though, thank you :heart:)

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