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No Prefix Is F3+A illegal?

Discussion in '日本語' started by Furudee, May 22, 2023.

No Prefix - Is F3+A illegal?
  1. Furudee Emerald


    Is it illegal to search for enemies through blocks with F3+A (chunk reload)?

    This enemy search method can be reproduced with LunarClient (approved mod) launched by Sodium.

    Also, unlike past block glitches, poison III glitches, and exploits of Anni-specific bugs and specifications such as brewing stand blaze powder, F3 + A is a specification of Minecraft (Lunar), so it is different from Anni's rules. Could it be said that it is in a completely unrelated area?

  2. Carrots386 RAP Lead

    Using F3+A is considered an unfair advantage it is treated the same as using Entity Radar.

    If a player is caught finding hidden enemy that should not be able to be found playing the game normally they will be permanently banned for Modified Client.

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