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Question Is annihilation dead

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Starte789, Oct 16, 2019.

Question - Is annihilation dead
  1. Starte789 Regular Member

    Just logged on aftter not having played since 2014 and no one is playing... did the server die and if so how long ago?
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  2. Murgatron Network Lead

    Peak time for Annihilation is early EU morning / evening JP time - we had around 110 players on today at that time. Weekdays are quieter with Friday, Saturday and Sundays being the busier times (less school and work!). This Sunday just past we had over 234 players on Annihilation!

    US time is when the MineZ playerbase comes out :)
  3. cokc Platinum

    so to paraphrase, yes, it's not nearly as popular as it once was
  4. bcafce Regular Member

    Probably because older players stop playing minecraft from time to time and new players dont hear a lot about the shotbow servers, kind of sad ;(
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  5. Made_inTaiwan Platinum

    shotbow really need advertising
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  6. I_Dont_Play_This Platinum

  7. Hingey Platinum

  8. gaelic Silver

    dead for westerners :( I'm actually going to make an effort to wake up early on Saturday morning just to hop on !
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  9. Rainbow_Dashi Obsidian

    Yeaaahhh... it turned out zero advertisement, removing unique server features that set it apart from others, having worse performance than your competition, forever being years behind on MC version & never having anything new for multiple years running wasn't quite the correct path in keeping this place popular! Who'd of thought it?
  10. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Hey Dashi!

    Good to have you back! :wink: :heart:
  11. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Define dead and i'll tell you how you're wrong.
    • Servers still up
    • People still play and games start often
    • People still strategize (Lasting Metagame)
    • The game still gets updates
    • There is still a community
    Its been a relatively quick movement to this state after Microsoft reiterated the EULA and all exceptions to it were removed, including Shotbow.
  12. Rainbow_Dashi Obsidian

    Let's see from 5 years ago...

    Playercount then:


    Playercount now:


    Forum activity then:


    Forum activity now:


    Ghostcraft then:


    Ghostcraft now:


    Quite an easy game of spot-the-difference to me...
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  13. Rainbow_Dashi Obsidian


    Lookie lookie, by quoting you here I just broke the rules and DOUBLE_POSTED! Ha ha ha, L-O-L!
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  14. Smartz_ Platinum

    My friend, you summed that up so well.
  15. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    That was an easy game of spot-the-difference. I do concede that there has been some... shall we say Mortuary Signs? But unfortunately everyone, including you, forgot to define what "Dead" means in this case though.
    So by following any sane line of thinking, it has not deceased, it isn't in the ground, its still kicking, the horse can still be beaten, it has not gone to meet is maker, the chickens still in the nest, it hasn't lost the battle, the bucket still stands, it isn't taking the big sleep, it hasn't gone belly up, it's not beyond the grave, it hasn't bitten the dust, its still got a bucket list, it hasn't checked out, it isn't croaking and it most definitely, and assuredly IS. NOT. DEAD.

    I hereby ironically pronounce myself winner of this argument.
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  16. Smartz_ Platinum

    God your social skills just get worse and worse every time you post...
  17. Rainbow_Dashi Obsidian


    Oh noes!!1! You're telling me I just took the internet forum b-b-bAIT written by an immature 16 year-old teenag- oh wait sorry it's not 2013 anymore, I mean by a grown adult who's even older than myself?? Awww, shucks... I have officially failed in my digital life now ;(

    As for a definition, you know when we define dead people by those who as you say: are deceased, who are in the ground, who are no longer kicking, who have met their maker, who have lost the battle, who are taking the big sleep, who have gone belly up, who are beyond the grave, who have bitten the dust, who no longer have a bucket list, who have checked out and who have croaked?

    Well, for a moment after they're pronounced 'dead' by our standards the cells in their bodies still stay alive for a little while - so I will now declare Shotbow in this same state of still technically temporarily alive all while being pronounced by us as overall 'dead', and now claim myself the overall queen of this very important argument! :^)
  18. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Like... a Drama Queen? :rolleyes:

    This isn't a practice in sociability. This is a practice in comedy.

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