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Video Iron Golem Defense!

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Aug 21, 2015.

Video - Iron Golem Defense!

Will YOU use this new tactic?!

Aww yes! 60 vote(s) 75.0%
No, this is lame and smells bad. 7 vote(s) 8.8%
Defending?? Wahahahaha. 13 vote(s) 16.3%
  1. Murgatron Network Lead

    Murgatron Productions Presents

    In Association with #BringbacktheGolems Inc:

    Another original defense video!


    An Iron Golem! :cool:
    HD Quality video (thanks to sax pestering me to record in fullscreen) :eek:
    A confused blue :confused:
    Another confused blue o_O
    Evil laugh (by Az1wdc) :zmoustach:

    A tactic I've been wanting to try for a while! Previously only doable on Villages but with such an open nexus I'd need at least 8 people to keep 4 golems in place to bodyblock.

    Only yesterday I noticed that Andorra 3.9.2 had pumpkins so here are the fruits of many hours of trial and error!

    A massive thank you to SaxaphoneWalrus and Az1wdc for their patience and persistence in helping me shoot this. Also thanks to pitstain and darkgodzpvp for your support on one run of filming, greatly appreciated!

    There was one other player, Nah????. I have no recording when you helped us out but thank you so much for all the iron you gave to the creation of the golems. You know who you are mysterious kind player :D

    Hope you all enjoy! :zanonymous:

  2. HawkStan Platinum

    Thats awsome!
    Poor golems, they went from scary bosses to meat shields...
  3. Shady_Oak Regular Member

    this is the best thing ever made
    Murgatron likes this.
  4. ThE_TuRnINg_TiDE Silver

    This is honestly just awesome. Most definitely trying this. :D
    Murgatron likes this.
  5. Gizcow Retired Staff

    I can now say with quite a bit of certainty that there is nothing Murgatron won't do in Annihilation. GG X'D
    MTrout, Murgatron and Az1wdc like this.
  6. Aerux Retired Staff

    You're a genius, Murgy.
    Murgatron and Az1wdc like this.
  7. Incredible_PvP Localizer

    tried this twice, spawned in 4 golems, all killed by teammates ... ;-;
    Eonichope likes this.
  8. Linglongdingdong Platinum

    Damn Murgatron, you need to hop on Teamspeak and bring our clan back with your ideas :lmao:
    Murgatron likes this.
  9. Superbob1000 Administrator

    Just... amazing. :lmao:
    Murgatron likes this.
  10. Az_Naviko Silver

    So much trial and error...

    ...SO little fruit!

    *But it was soooooo worth it; I had great fun - and watching the poor enemies try and fail...? :D Sooo many laughs!!! Thank you Murg and Sax (and fellow in-game helpers)
    Murgatron and Superbob1000 like this.
  11. Murgatron Network Lead

    To be fair they were beaten up for loot by players before so.... :stuck_out_tongue:

    Thanks :D

    Cheers:) Best of luck! Be sure to tell your team what you're doing before hand :wink:

    ALMOST nothing :wink: thanks giz :heart:

    Wouldn't be saying that if you saw how many failed attempts I had getting the sodding golem into the tower! :lmao:

    Swanky all the way!

    If I had a bit more patience I could have got a few more clips I'm sure....but VIDEEEEEEEO!!! :zanonymous:
    Az1wdc, Simsdoren and VinnySenpai like this.
  12. Trainspotting Emerald

    Murg you either have hours and hours of free time or you have an IQ of OVER 9000!!!
    Murgatron likes this.
  13. Stormy Gold

    "Clap clap"
    Murgatron and SquallyTheWally like this.
  14. DislikeMePlz Regular Member

    If it's a open area around the nexus like Kingdom, your will need four golems, which means you'll need 72 irons and 4 pumpkins.
    Murgatron likes this.
  15. Rapidity Platinum

    :lmao: lmao Great work aha
    Murgatron likes this.
  16. DislikeMePlz Regular Member

    Invis rusher: What the heck is going on ??!
    MTrout and Murgatron like this.
  17. Simsdoren Regular Member

    Thanks, Murg! :D

    So this is why you wanted to play on villages before you could shoot a video... Even getting so desperate as to go onto the US servers. ;P
    Eonichope and Murgatron like this.
  18. Murgatron Network Lead

    Free time. Definetly that :stuck_out_tongue:


    Indeed and around 8 spies to make sure they stay inplace!! :(

    Cheers :D

    So wish I could have got that happening :stuck_out_tongue:

    I play on US a fair bit when EU dies later on at night, it's nice to keep in touch with peeps in both anni communities :D
  19. Mersid Regular Member

    Are you on 1.7 or 1.8? I couldnt find a Toggle Sneak mod for 1.8....
  20. Imam18 Regular Member

    Question. If it is possiblle to build iron golems, is it possible to build withers? Because Aftermath provides 4 wither skull :/ too lazy to try..

    EDIT: Aftermath also provides soul sand near the emerald mine!!

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