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Announcement Instanced Instances PTR

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by lazertester, Dec 28, 2020.

Announcement - Instanced Instances PTR
  1. lazertester Lead Developer

    Some of you eagle eyed zombie slayers may have noticed a PTR server up.

    One of the things that makes working with minecraft simple is that for the most part the server is single threaded. One of the downsides of the simplicity is that scaling is limited to a single core's clock speed. Supporting both a vast overworld and intricate dungeons on the same server instance was never meant to be the end state, as we've seen the server performance drop with multiple complex instances loaded, and it's time to execute on the next evolution.

    We've got some 24 core processors that sit at 5-25% utilization on average, spinning up many smaller Minecraft servers to handle instances helps us to use the resources we have effectively and to spread the load over our hardware thanks to our new kubernetes back end. JACOBSMILE and I have been hard at work breaking instanced dungeons out to separate servers so complex Redstone, deluge of zombies, and copious amounts of loot don't lag the overworld, and instances don't need to deal with thousands of chests and loaded chunks so we can create even more cool features in dungeons. If you're curious and want to contribute to bug bashing you can check it out on PTR, otherwise expect to see this rolling out sometime in the foreseeable future once we work it all out. For now they will behave just like the existing instances, but there will be some polish and additional features added before we roll to live. Let me know your experience in this thread, or in the #minez channel on discord.
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  2. shrauger Regular Member

    Which server is it?
  3. Oraceon Obsidian

    I thought instances were already hosted on their own dedicated server, booted everytime somebody enters a dungeon or otherwise instanced location? If not already, I imagine waiting for an instance server to boot up will take awhile compared to how they're handled now unless the servers are always active and just idle until somebody joins.
  4. RoseFredricks Platinum

    New instancing system seems to work well. I think this would also be a good time to address some other quarks with dungeon instances through.
    - Bag cooldown from PvP Tag should be removed from dungeons. The entire idea of the cooldown is to stop players from using bags in PvP. However in dungeons, this cooldown just means that when one person throws a grenade, everyone in the group now has to wait 10 seconds without moving or taking damage for most likely the rest of the dungeon. Since PvP is pretty minimal in dungeons anyways, I think removing the cooldown in dungeon instances would be a lot more of a positive than a negative.

    - Multiple instances of the same dungeon would be nice so that if another player enters after X amount of time that someone else has been in the dungeon (and is not in the same party as anyone else who is in the dungeon), that player gets a fresh instance of that dungeon. This would allow more peace of mind for people doing dungeons as it would reduce loot stealing, and it would prevent annoying wait times on longer dungeons.

    - Does the Shrine of the Dusk message still go off to the parent server when the boss room is opened under the new isntance system? I always thought that was a really cool effect and it would be a shame to lose it.

    - Combined tab menu to see players not only in the same instance server, but also the parent server and all child instance servers. Not sure if this is possible, but it would be nice. As would being able to message people who are under the same parent server.

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