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(Insert name here) KOTH

Discussion in 'HCF Build Submissions' started by TarnishedSteel, Feb 1, 2015.

(Insert name here) KOTH

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  1. LargeP Emerald

    Hi guys.
    In HCF we have been making several builds.This is one we think would be quite suited to being a KOTH!


    Features to note:
    • Classic KOTH style capture area (As shown in picture 5)
    • Many different upper levels for that sneaky bard!
    • Downstairs area (As shown in Picture 6/7)
    • Watch tower (As seen in last picture)
    Other things to note:
    • This is NOT a finished build
    • Some features like the dirt, WILL be changed
    • The underground would be left to builders, as there is confidential stuff down there!
    • Features like KOTH wool will be added
    • Barriers may be added to ensure easier capping
    • Fence gates will be removed
    Please take note: I don't take credit for this build. I am simply submitting it for them.
    Feel free to take a visit in-game!
    Comment feedback bellow!
    Builders credit:
    • LordMineTurtle
    • ElectricNova
    • PurpleObsidian
    Sorry if I forgot anyone!

  2. LordMineTurtle Platinum

    you forgot PurpleObsidian and ElectricNova in the credits
  3. Djmaddox Retired Staff

    This would definitely need more work.
    Techno141 likes this.
  4. xnx_ Platinum

    Needs some work and kinda small + i didnt build any of it.

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