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No Prefix Insanity

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Ying_Jiu_, May 22, 2023.

No Prefix - Insanity
  1. Ying_Jiu_ Regular Member

    Lowkey facts team stacking is a problem the staff team has ignored for too long. If players can’t play alone or with only one or two friends then they honestly don’t deserve to call themselves good. They are stacking 15 players against 8 other players who are all alone while the 15 communicate in discord or such. If you wanna stack join a tournament and make a team. Why can’t they do this? Because they aren’t good enough as a 15 stack to beat another 15 stack. I’ve quit and I’ve decided to ply again and would love to see this issue fixed as it will bring many old players back and new players in. Also invest in paying content creators to partner with you. I remember this one creator played and every game went up to 200 people just like that. Now that’s one creator. Imagine a whole team of creators designated to this task. And yes you have the money and time there is nothing else going on that could be more pressing. Some may not agree but I’ve seen it with every game and gameode I’ve played. When you bring content creators it gets big and when you fix issues it gets big. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I’m not saying anyone’s insane of course not, but if you try the same thing over and over without change you may aswell just stop trying. Shotbow used to be huge and fun and so enjoyable for the community having 30-40 players. Now a stack of 15 just t2 rushes with iron and alchemist classes to stomp on helpless one stacks. Remember this quote. Without change there is no growth, without growth there is no success. For the developers who made it this far, I appreciate you, message me on discord I have a few ideas I have brought back many Minecraft servers for other modes and I can help you bring yours. Don’t be afraid to ask the community for help or ideas. Help will always be given when love is in play. Please like this so devs and owner can see. Message me on discord with questions if you have any I would love to reply. jafar#5415
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  2. andreasvico Regular Member

    idk why u even type this, shotbow doesnt give a shit

    theyve stopped giving a shit since a few years ago

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