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MineZ Infprovor

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by suitaso, Jun 16, 2020.

MineZ - Infprovor
  1. suitaso Builder

    We are Infprovor
    We are begin fly
    We are going to END

    [Builder] suitaso

    [Admin] ArsMagia
    [E] temis

    [P] _4rc [E] _Layor [P] amagiER [G] daiya0925 [P] Gloza [P] Its_me_Erika
    [E] jicho3 [P] LynarieZ [E] Medaka_ [P] MerryTacos [G] MineZombieDinner [P] OGiMaMa_Club
    [P] saijun22 [P] sansanflower [P] seeei [O] Skimanryo [P] soumendaisuki [P] SunDomeOTK [P] UltimateNemumi
    [P] VOICEROID [P] wing117117117

    ===Overseas Member===
    [G] Talef

    Who are we? What Infprovor?
    We are nothing, we are just survivors. Its members are mostly Japanese survivors.
    We live to see the END of this MineZ world, and we are looking for like-minded players.
    Prefer dungeons and go to Elite dungeons and Zerbia Depths frequently.
    Also want to help Japanese players to some extent.

    Want Join us?
    Our group's eligibility requirements are that you are Japanese. Sorry for those of you from overseas. We can't accept them unless there are special circumstances.
    Please DM me if you're interested in how you can you join.

    1. You must have Discord as a means of communication.
    2. Protect the rule of Shotbow.(If you have been banned in the past, please tell us why banned.)
    3. In most cases, You will need an account that you can join to PvE.
    4. Basically, Activities in this team take precedence. If you are a member of another clan or team, You maybe not be allowed to participate.
    If you think you've complied with these terms and conditions, please send me a DM.
    I can explain the terms in more detail.

    1. 連絡手段としてDiscordが必要になります。
    2. 基本的なルールとしてShotbowのルールを厳守します(過去にバンされた事がある場合、その理由を聞かせてください)
    3. 殆どの場合は、PvEサーバーに参加できるアカウントが必要になります。
    4. 基本的に活動は低頻度ですが、諸事情により別のマインズクランやグループに属している場合、参加を断る場合があります。
    If you see us, feel free to give us a shout. We can help each other as fellow survivors.
    And we'll see what the end of MineZ...

    Thanks for reading.
    Here is my Discord ID: suichan#8361

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