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Suggestion Increasing player count based on tried and tested data.

Discussion in 'The Network' started by ButterTheGiraffe, Apr 7, 2021.

Suggestion - Increasing player count based on tried and tested data.
  1. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    2 steps to fixing Shotbow.

    1. Stop removing game modes that were building, or had player interest: MineZ 2, HCF, WASTED, old Shotbow game modes that were retired due to a declining player base still HAD a player base. MineZ 2 consistently had 50-70 players, WASTED had the same, HCF had hundreds at the start of each map and only declined due to poor administration and updates. If Shotbow were to bring back just one of these three games and give it consistent updates and love, I feel as though they would see an decent increase in player interest in their server.

    2. Bring back HCF, and update it consistently, and properly - add new balances and challenges for each map. There is no good Hardcore factions server anymore and people want it, I know I do. We would love for some good maps with the new Minecraft updates implemented in non-game breaking ways. Minecraft PVP is on the rise right now, many Fortnite players are coming here, why not bring back HCF?

  2. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    Shotbow's greatest successes have always been from their classic game modes, unique experience that can only be found on Shotbow. CivCraft, HCF, MineZ, Wasted, Annihilation, and MineZ 2 were the best examples of these.

    While I have to applaud the innovation and design that went into Warband and AmogusMC (pretty much lol), I really think that they reflect many mechanics and experiences seen on Hypixel, which offers a larger player base for people to interact with so they gravitate there. Shotbow succeeds when it creates a community culture around its games. Each of my previous listed examples fit this idea.
  3. Smartzz Emerald

    Shotbow tried to do a 1.9 HCF revival thing and it didn't work or even launch from what I was told. If they did a 1.7 HCF server (which would be interesting to say the least) I don't think it would do well. Lunar had really good maps for a while and even those were dying quickly to the point where they stopped doing them. Every HCF server is pay to win and more fast paced and Shotbow can't break EULA rules because they were used as an example of what happens if you don't comply in 2017.

    MineZ 2 is a game I had a ton of time on. It was a great concept and had a great map, it had no developer. Even if it HAD a dev I don't think it would have succeeded. The game was so repetitive and grindy that it attracted 0 pvpers. When the game was on its last legs no one hopped. I was part of that group of people that didn't hop for that exact reason. It also had 0 dungeons. MineZ 2 was a great game for its time but even now the amount of attention being put towards MineZ is crazy and the game is at a point where I genuinely think it will be successful over the summer if the staff team's plans work.

    Wasted is (to my knowledge) being redone right now by Robert but I don't know much about that tbh. I never played Wasted a lot and didn't play GTA or any games similar to that as a kid so I didn't really understand it and didn't really get attached to it.

    CivCraft tried to make a revival and died. That's me being 100% blunt. CivCraft was a concept that might have worked in the past but it didn't have the support it needs now to succeed.

    MineZ and Anni are really going to be this server's hope. I think Smash is a good game mode with a team that really cares but when you say Shotbow to someone they think of MineZ, HCF, and Anni. MineZ like I said is in probably one of the best states its been in for a VERY long time and it has a team of people who genuinely care around it. Anni has a really active clan community full of people who are competitive and enjoy the game which is the best thing possible for that game to have. The network right now has the ball in their court and I'm really interested to see what they do with it.
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  4. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    While this is true, sometimes the release of a game depends on timing it with an influx of players, as we have seen over the past year. With fortnite players coming over to MC and as the game continues to trend upwards, PVP is being focused on more than ever, especially when it involves building and king of the hill style modes. Much of my main point is that these gamemodes did have past player bases and eventually lost them, but they have proven that they can build and maintain a playerbase when done correctly. It's not a matter of the gamemode failing, its a matter of shotbow failing previously to release it in both the right time and with the right updates. And honestly, I don't think any players really like pay to win. But a good progression system (Hypixel has prestiging for most of their modes) helps to offer the players an incentive to either upgrade their account status and play the modes more.

    You have very good points here. I also had a ton of time on MineZ 2 and believe the PVP process to get top level gear was repetitive and grindy, MineZ is a little similar, but with the dungeon and progression structures, there is really no point in bringing back MineZ 2 unless MineZ is completed.

    I'm very glad to hear this as Wasted had a very large and dedicated playerbase with many active clans. Much more so than MTA ever acquired.

    I think the same thing applies here that I said with HCF. With a dedicated dev team and good updates, it offers more to revamp old projects that had successful periods and names that people know, than to develop new ones and barely advertise for them. Just my two cents as a business major.

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