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No Prefix IMPOSTER Class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Flandersss_, Jun 5, 2021.

No Prefix - IMPOSTER Class
  1. Flandersss_ Regular Member

    Evening fellow Annihilation players!

    im aware of the late days that being able to damage a nexus is not as easy especially with the new maps, where the nexus is just way to easy to defend seeing as many players can just run abt 2 stairs and are there.

    Hence i though maybe a extra class to get against such or different tactics to use it for.

    The imposter class, as it says it makes u a imposter it gives you the color of the desired team of choice,
    meaning: Wanna attack yellow or anything els, a menu pops up, choose yellow and
    leather armor changes color to > Yellow
    Name tag changes color to > Yellow

    This gives the yellow team the idea ur With them 2 indicators showing he/she is on their team, BUT 1 indicator shows they are not! just like spy class once u change teams by the menu ur tab list name dissapears. Hitting a enemy does not take ur color of leather or name away, but killing someone does, damaging the nexus of someone also removes the IMPOSTER.

    These are nice ways which can be used for:
    Nexus rush's team will not fast see that ur a enemy,
    you can back stab a team by pretending ur with them.

    This can help you survive a incoming rush if u got good gear.
    this can also help you still get diamonds when a enemy team has mid.

    How will ur own team still know ur on their team?
    They dont, they'll see you as a enemy player too but ofcourse cant kill/hit you, they will hover see ur chat still as if ur on their team.

    seeing as this could be used as a heavly powerfull class, this mostly works on players who dont know u that well, if a player knows who you are they mostlikely will be able to straight notice ur not with them and kill you, this still makes it balanced seeing as mining a nexus still makes you reset to ur own team's color, being killed resets you, and killing aswell.

  2. GiveLifeB2Music Platinum

  3. donnerblitz_1 Artist

    I like the Idea of infiltrating, I do think that the Class would need some tweaks, currently the Class has to many advantages to disadvantages. I never considered Mid and staying alive for a rush. Your teammates should always know that you're on their Team and for general Class-Making I try to image what not one person can do with that class but 5-10. That way you instantly see if the class is imbalanced or not

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