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Suggestion Immobilizer Poll Results - What This Means For The Class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by AlcSplashInc, Sep 16, 2020 at 4:14 PM.

Suggestion - Immobilizer Poll Results - What This Means For The Class
  1. AlcSplashInc Regular Member

    So the results are in.

    If you are a little lost, Meramii, Kireigoto, and I (ColorDream) set up and distributed a poll intended on gathering results centered around these three questions:

    1) Do you believe that Immobilizer is an overpowered class?
    2) Do you think Immobilizer supports a team-based game?
    3) Do you have any advice about how Immobilizer should be changed?

    After a few days of this poll being open to answers, I believe that there is more than enough evidence to prove that the majority of the community thinks that Immobilizer is an overpowered class that needs changing to better support a team-based game.

    There were a total of 81 respondents who contributed to the poll, 61 of them giving feedback on how the class should be changed. And so the moment of truth: the results.

    Graph 1.
    Graph 2.


    In Graph 1. (Do you think Immobilizer is an overpowered class?), we see that an overwhelming majority agree that the class is overpowered, about 75.3% of players, to be exact., with only a 24.7% minority disagreeing.

    In Graph 2. (Do you think Immobilizer supports a team-based game?), we also see a staggering majority agreeing that it does support a team-based game. If we look at the numbers, we have 72.8% of players compared to a disagreeing 27.2%.

    What This Means For The Class

    The results speak for themselves, showing that the average Annihilation player thinks the class is too powerful and thus deserves a change. However, it also appears that the average Anni player believes that the class does support a team-based game, showing that there is an immense support-group for Immobilizer that would rather see it fixed than completely nerfed into oblivion. This article should set a precedent where community-given feedback is appropriately acknowledged by the devs and admins so that changes can be made accordingly. Thus, it is of great importance to the greater community that such devs and admins take this article as an example of the communities’ desire for peaceful and thoughtful change.

    Link to Community Feedback
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