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Question I just can't beat the scout.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Biktor_K4sper, Apr 26, 2021.

Question - I just can't beat the scout.
  1. Biktor_K4sper Regular Member

    If you get knocked back by a scout, you can't fight back. I need your help.

  2. JonnyDvE Platinum

    The problem is mostly not the scout but the player who plays it as they are often the more senior players that have been playing for a long time.
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  3. Biktor_K4sper Regular Member

    Thank you for letting me know, I used this server until 2017 and participated in the game again, but it became too difficult. :) дд
  4. Sparkyy Platinum

    practice pvp, you'll see it's not about the scout
  5. IH8_4NRs Regular Member

    it's because that class is broken and needs to be balanced. i suggest giving scouts 3 hearts of maximum health, because they have too much mobility, and the gold sword that they spawn with provides too much of an edge over wooden swords in combat. it rlly hruts my mental health depression and anxiety when i get focused by a scout and killed. i talk to my therapist about it alot.
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  6. Tobi472 Platinum

    The #1 advice to not die to Scouts is be the Scout!

    But to get you a general idea what really works if you dont are Scout:
    - DONT walk alone, instead head to places where your team is. The chances of you getting caught are lower when you group up with ppl.
    - DONT run away from leather scouts. If you are a full iron player leaving one of your own mines you still have to cover a rather long distance and the Scout will catch up. Running away will just result in offering free hits to the Scout and if you later choose to fight you are on a big disadvantage.
    - DONT panic. This basicially emphasises my last point. Dont commit in stupid runaways. Think whether there is a place where others can help you? On Coastal the mid water will save you from most Scouts if you have a bow or a 1.13 swim animation.
    - CARRY blocks with you. This applies to almost every chase. By placing blocks under your feet while running you might hinder the Scouts grapple or get increased KB to get more distance from the enemy. Blocks can also be used to block paths which will buy u a shor amount of time aswell.

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