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  1. HungerHealer Regular Member

    Qubion is the best part of Shotbow and I've spend alot of time on Qubion.
    However Its sad to say but today was the last day that I logged on Qubion.
    I had a blast of a time on Qubion and I want to thank Jeff, Lee and all the volunteers that kept Qubion running.

    My best Qubion memories:
    (Funny moments, Nice builds and Some of my (bad) Buildbattle builds)

    Reason I leave:
    I've added around 100 apprentice on my plot to let let them build and make them feel good. Evendo It cost me alot of time id give them advice etc.
    Today, however I added yet an another Apprentice, that had bad intentions, and he destroyed my plot in like 30 second that took 10 months to build.
    * Its my own fault that my plot is destroyed and I do not blame any staff members. The Qubion members are the most kind staff members in general across the whole platform. So this is a warning do not add people you don't trust, I however would add them again because it gave me and them alot of joy.
    My progress on my plot that was destroyed:

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  2. McJeffr Regular Member

    Sadly it's the hard truth when it comes to dealing with people that you don't fully trust. I do would want to add onto your post for future people who want to build with someone on their plot that they might not fully yet trust.

    There are two commands available to add people to your plots. These commands look similar, but are actually quite different. These two commands are explained below.
    - /plot add <name>: This command will add a user to your plot that is only able to build ONLY AND ONLY IF the plot owner is online. When the plot owner is offline, this user will not have access to the plot.
    - /plot trust <name>: This command will add a user to your plot that is able to build when the owner is both online as well as offline.
    These two commands might be useful to know for any future player, as explained above.

    Secondly, I want to address another topic that I have seen popping up quite a bit. "Why don't you rollback the plot?". Simple: We do not have any functionality in the server to rollback a plot. There are two good reasons for this:
    - Plugins such as LogBlock or CoreInspect create a lot of memory on files to store all changes a user makes to the world. Since we are a building server, there are a lot of changes made to the world every second. This will generate massive amounts of data, of which 99.9% will very most likely not be used. This is simply a waste of resources and in the long term can affect server performance.
    - As ripshotbow brought it up: The plot owner is responsible for the possible effects that adding someone to a plot will bring. We can't moderate what we can't see. If someone decides to grief a plot because they are added to it, we simply can't do anything. However, using the two commands above correctly can reduce this risk.

    Lastly, happy to hear that you had a great time on Qubion. Hopefully you will return one day, our server is always open for everyone to join!

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