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How to post a Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Appeal Your Ban' started by Mr_Darn, May 30, 2013.

How to post a Ban Appeal
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  1. Mr_Darn Retired Staff

    Languages: English (below), Deutsch, Nederlands, 中文, 한국어, Español, 日本語, Français, Русский

    Please read and understand ALL of this post before posting a ban appeal.
    If you do not, your appeal will be denied, and you will be redirected here.
    Also be sure to read the post all the way through!

    Being banned can be upsetting, especially if you think the ban is wrong.
    Remaining calm is key here. You will not get anywhere with rage posts or overreactions.

    Before you appeal, please re-read the RULES (click here) and check you have not overlooked anything.
    Some points to consider when placing an appeal:
    • Make sure to include your username.
      Make sure its CaSe SeNsItIvE and correct. We don't assume its the account associated with your forum account, as you may be appealing on behalf of a friend.
    • Don't give us your life story!
      Please just include the facts, and not a novel.
      This is considered shouting and rude. Also use of acronyms like WTF and suchlike are not required. They only make you look childish and will result in us not taking you seriously.
    • DO NOT private message your appeal or reply.
      We will not engage in non-public discussions. This keeps things fair for you and us.
    • We DO NOT accept money for an unban.
      If you want to 'purchase an unban', purchase a new account from Mojang as an apology for cheating in their game.
      • Please note that repeat offenders on separate accounts may be banned from Shotbow - this may also extend to accounts not directly cheating.
    • DO NOT post another appeal with "But i love your server, plox unban nau!"
      We know you love it, we do too.
      If you have nothing relevant to add to your appeal, don't post another.
      Treat each new reply to an appeal as a new appeal.
      REMEMBER: if you spam the ban appeals forum with useless posts, you may be removed from the forum altogether!
    Next, lets look at a few ban reasons, and what you should do about them.

    Compromised Account
    This is a temporary ban that we will administer because your account details have been jeopardized. While these may not actually be your details, we ban the account to save a full ban should hackers get a hold of it.

    All we ask is that you log in to your Microsoft Account, change your password and let us know that your account is secure again. If you have not registered here yet, you can do this via Mod Mail on our reddit. You will have to use said account if it's already registered!

    When appealing please include a screenshot like this one showing that you have changed your password. Without this screenshot, we will ask you to redo your appeal until you include it so that we can be confident you are completely secure. For a guide on linking screenshots, please click here. Please make sure that your screenshot is not cropped!

    Spam (temporary)
    This is an automated ban, and is temporary. There is no need to appeal these bans.
    These are issued when you type too many messages in a short space of time.
    Sending many messages to our server requires processing time. If everyone did this, the server would lag badly trying to keep up.
    Learn from it, send messages slower and wait out your ban. Its only 3 days.

    Spam (Permanent)
    This is a little more serious.
    This means you have been banned by an admin.
    If you were banned for spamming another Server IP, then there is no point appealing.
    For other spam offenses, sometimes we can treat it as a warning if it is your first time. Post an apology, along with details of why you did it in the first place and why it will not happen again and you *may* get a second chance.
    There will be no third chance!

    Offensive Skin/Name
    If you have a naked skin, a hate skin (such as hitler) or other offensive skins, the same goes for names, you may receive a ban.
    If you want to play here again, change your skin or name, then appeal.
    We have ways to check if you have changed it, and may give you a second chance.
    There will be no third chance.

    Disputed Payment Bans
    These types of bans can only be handled through [email protected] - we cannot assist here with these types of bans on the forums so do not post an appeal here. You should include the ID in your ban reason when emailing.

    Hacked Client or Modified Client
    This is an unfortunate one.
    We test our custom detection system with Rei's Minimap, Optifine, then MineZ HUD and the Statuseffect HUD.
    ANY other mod can trip the system, and if you had it installed, then that was your risk.
    Remember, even having these installed can trigger a ban, even if you don't use them.
    One of the ways you can be banned for Hacked Client is by hitting mobs too fast.
    This can be done using a mod such as Nodus, Zombiekiller or other forcefield mods, or by using a gaming mouse which allows a fast/multi-click.
    These bans are not appeal-able.
    If you do truly believe there has been an error please provide a method of reproduction, so we can test it and fix it.
    If we can't reproduce it, we can't fix it, and we will assume you are lying.
    (The stone axe does not ban people, we have tested it thoroughly.)

    Admin Ban
    Admin bans are not overturned unless you have a good reason why it was wrong.
    We train our admins to be 100% before banning, and to leave a player if in doubt. We then keep checking that player until we are sure.

    Made a purchase?
    These are the terms of service you agreed too when you made your purchase to the development of our servers.

    Ban Appeal Format
    While this format is not required to appeal your ban, it is highly suggested.

    White text - Suggested format
    Green text - Additional information

    Thread Title - [Game-mode (Where you were banned)] Your In Game Name (CaSe SeNsItIvE) - Ban Reason

    Example: MineZ - Mr_Darn - Hacked Client

    Your IGN (Past and or Present where applicable):

    Date and Server (when and where it happened):

    Why you were banned (if you don't know, look at the message when you try to log in):

    Why you think you should be unbanned:

    Any evidence to support your appeal:

    Now, once you have read this, post in the following section:
    If you do not have an account on the forums, you may also ban appeal using the same format on reddit.com/r/shotbow modmailand your appeal will be cross-posted to the forums for you. Do note that the reddit may take longer than the forums. Abusing this alternative method for submitting your appeal may result in your account being banned permanently.

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