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Suggestion How to make Shotbow great again!

Discussion in 'The Network' started by TheBearOfJustice, Dec 22, 2018.

Suggestion - How to make Shotbow great again!
  1. TheBearOfJustice Regular Member


    I've been playing on Shotbow for so many years that I don't even remember when I first played it, probably 4-5 years ago, like many other people on Shotbow who are all loyal player. But the truth is, you can't only have loyal players. This is why I'm writing this because I want to make Shotbow active again and I think the current management is lacking in the marketing area. Right now there is almost no way for new players to find Shotbow. It is nowhere near the top pages on popular sites. I would like to be apart of the process of making Shotbow active again, but if there are no open staff positions at least take these suggestions and implement them.

    #1 Changing the hub layout
    Large hubs a thing of 2016 and are not really used by larger networks anymore. The reason for this is that it doesn't give a good overview for new players, while the first impression is the most important. Many servers chose for a smaller, more organised hub which is more user-friendly to newer players that don't necessarily know what they can do on the server yet. When you spawn on Shotbow and have your render distance less than about 8 you don't even see anything of the hub which hurts the first impression massively. My suggestion would be going to a hub which you can only go 1 way in instead of each direction and giving an overview of all gamemodes in one moment and letting the players see which gamemodes are popular.

    #2 Promoting voting more
    Shotbow should increase vote rewards and promote voting more. Maybe there could be voting classes on annihilation that are only unlockable by voting on 3 sites and is only accessible for 24 hours, maybe this can replace the free weekly classes. By offering selected and specifically chosen sites it will improve ranking more than offering like 5-7 different sites. By offering a selected amount of max 3 sites and making it more attractive to vote the overall rank of Shotbow will skyrocket by current standings bringing in a ton of new players.

    #3 Improving the tab list
    I think Shotbow is a bit lacking on this front. It doesn't necessarily affect the playerbase but I feel like Shotbow is missing on on this opportunity to display more useful information on something lot of players look at. Think about tips, ping, etc so people can easily see handy things. Even if they don't read it, they will see it and unconsciously pick it up when they look at if a lot of times.

    #4 Paid options
    This does require some money but will be worth it in the end. There are many good paid options out there which I can't all post here. If you want them let me know.
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  2. NPCtom Silver

    I suggested a change to the old lobby style but nothing has been done about it.

    I prefer a simple tab list instead of all those graphics taking up 95% of your screen space like what Mineplex and Hypixel do.

    I think these suggestions are very good and should be reviewed by the network leads.

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  3. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    Thanks for posting this. Several parts are already being considered or are in progress.

    Some of your suggestions for voting though are against the EULA. For example, we cannot unlock Annihilation classes for votes. I've also never seen any evidence that vote sites work, unfortunately.

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