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Discussion How to improve Vampire 2022

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by YUMMiR, Jan 30, 2022.

Discussion - How to improve Vampire 2022
  1. YUMMiR Platinum

    Vampire is a class known for life steal and it's brief time as a mobility class. Now, it has a underwhelming lifesteal passive and a underwhelming active ability. The official anni wiki itself states " Bloodsense is a very difficult ability to currently get value from and has many drawback, caution is strongly advised using it" (https://wiki.shotbow.net/Vampire). Vampire also has a long gimmick of being "strong at night, weak during the day". But now, it is a 24/7 useless class. If you want a source of reliable health, use potions and gaps. Honestly, the most useful thing about vampire is that it spawns with a stone sword.

    So, the class sucks. How can we improve it while maintaining it's identity as a "Strong, but only during the the night" class?

    Getting health "PER KILL" instead of "chance per hit".
    This idea will maintain it's identity as a life steal class. But instead of relying on hits, the Vampire will rely on getting kills. You might be thinking "won't this make vampire rushers too overpowered?" To address this, the class cannot gain hearts from a recently respawned player (similar to berserker and robin's anti-farming mechanic). This change has an interesting bonus benefit. The effectiveness of the Vampire class would scale depending on the size of the enemy team. For example, lets assume that vampire gets 1 heart per kill. If the enemy team has 10 players, the Vampire will only be able to regain a maximum of 10 hearts back at a certain timeframe. But as the teams get larger, the Vampire will have more players to steal life from.

    Overall, the time frame requirements of vampire already makes it very unreliable. It's current state as a self-healing class is overshadowed by things such as potions and succubus. This was only my idea. I would like to know what improvements ya'll can make up.
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  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    The idea of getting helath per kill has been very hard to balance and was nerfed or even removed regulary.
    But I really think something needs to change and here are my suggestions:

    1. Change lifesteal chance to 50% in nights and add a 25% lifesteal during the day. - I think this would make the class stronger but especially easier to use without making it too overpowering.
    2. Keep lifesteal on 30% but add a small HP per kill mechanic. - I would follow the sugestion above for it since I think its very fitting.
    3. Use one of the lifesteal changes + a stronger bloodsense ability. Bloodsense not granting blindness and wider range or the ability to not show invis players but maybe making a sound that something trys to hide from you.
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  3. Hingey Platinum

    I think those changes sound underwhelming and a balancing nightmare to get just right. Just rework the entire class.

    give vampire the ability to cast blindness(not sure to what power) on a single enemy or possibly a group as an AOE for 5-10seconds. This would be from any range I was thinking the same mechanic as a wizard spell or even a swarm of bats that you send out would be very cool. Same way ninja gets buffed in the radius of its bomb vamp is given its health steal ability or maybe resistance near the enemy they blinded or contact point of the ability.

    This would make the class scary to fight against as you become disoriented surrounded by the darkness knowing there is a vampire out there somewhere. I also think it would make the class good against ranged classes while they are blinded the vampire can close the distance.

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