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How To Fix Events and Cater to Raiders AND Event Lovers

Discussion in 'HardCore Factions' started by zanotam, May 18, 2013.

How To Fix Events and Cater to Raiders AND Event Lovers

Would you like to see something like this implemented?

Yes 13 vote(s) 76.5%
No 4 vote(s) 23.5%
  1. zanotam Silver

    TL;DR Remove faction cap and make Event zones no reserve power loss. Make alliances an official thing like a faction made up of factions. Only alliances can capture KotH and a few small changes to make KotH more fun. If you capture KotH once, you then get benefits for 'holding' KotH, that is capturing it multiple times in a row. Alliances gain power from claiming KotH, lose power from having others claim KotH right after they claim it OR having member factions go raidable. An alliance which has positive power can claim an alliance base shared by all the factions in its group and maybe the admins can add some other cool uses of alliance power.

    NOTE: This is a very rough idea and I literally just came up with it while I was typing, but I've done my best to provide rough balance numbers and as many details as possible.

    So my post on the subreddit about events (see below for the text) was pretty well received (I got more upvotes than I've ever gotten on an HCF post afaik in the first few minutes without even asking anyone to upvote it for visibility since self posts get no karma).
    1. Remove Faction cap
    2. Event Zones become no reserve power loss
    3. Add a formal alliance mechanic.
    4. No reentering event zones until 30 minutes after you last died in there (I think it's an hour now, but I've got suggestions I think that will help fix other issues if you read below).

    The following is a rough outline of what such an alliance mechanic would be:
    1. Alliances are made up of factions.
    2. A faction can only be in one alliance at a time.
    3. In lieu of Outposts, alliances can claim a base for the alliance, separate from any faction base and accessible by all in the alliance. I'll fill in the details in a bit.
    4. Factions are always assumed to be in a one faction alliance if they're not actually in a proper alliance.

    So combining alliances and events we get:
    An alliance power system sorta similar to the old finite power system and a slightly modified KotH system!

    KotH changes:
    1. Only alliances can cap KotH.
    2. You must knock all members of an alliance off of the cap zone to make them stop attempting to control KotH
    3. Koth is now capped in steps. First an alliance A must 'half-claim' Koth for 5 minutes. Then they need to keep claiming it for 15 minutes, but if they get knocked off, then it will take 5 minutes for KotH to be 'fully unclaimed' by Alliance B, another 5 minutes for it to be 'half-claimed' by Alliance B, and 15 minutes after that for it to be 'claimed' by Alliance B.
    4. There are 3 KotHs and each one spends 2hrs cappable and goes up to cap 1.5hrs after being cap'd.
    5. KotH starts as 'half-claimed' if the last time it was up it was successfully claimed by an alliance (if it went unclaimed, then it starts unclaimed)

    For how this interacts with alliance power:
    An alliance gains power by capping KotH.
    An Alliance gains 30 power from capping an unclaimed KotH.
    An alliance gains 50 power for 'keeping' KotH from (that is, if it starts half-claimed by them).
    An Alliance which claims KotH that started half-claimed by another alliance gets the 30 power like an unclaimed Cap and they also steal power equal to
    (amt power lost if the largest faction in the alliance went raidable)

    An alliance loses power whenever one of it's member factions goes raidable equal to (this is just a rough guestimate number)
    Power Loss = 100*(#players in faction / #players in alliance) + 10*#factions in alliance + 5*#Players In Alliance
    and whichever alliance got the kill on the last player to make that faction go raidable then gains that much Alliance Power (The Rule of Conservation of Alliance Power).

    But wait you're asking, what is alliance power for?

    Well, an alliance with more than 0 power can claim an alliance base and the alliance base will become COMPLETELY UNCLAIMED if the alliance ever loses all of it's alliance power again.

    So while alliance bases are powerful, they require a balancing act in the alliance between number of players in any faction and total number of factions. Instead of regular raiding you can simply take KotH from a faction which holds it and try to take their alliance base, presumably where they stored all their goodies since who WOULDN'T want to have just one big shared base? And those in alternative time zones or factions which have moderate showing for several hours but not as many people online at any one specific time can gain power simply by taking KotH during less busy times.

    Other potential uses for alliance power:
    It would make sense to have the maximum reserve power and/or the reserve power regeneration rate higher if an alliance had enough power.
    Alliance power might be worth exp if you were on within 30 minutes of the alliance gaining it.

  2. DryPixel Silver

    I agree.
  3. Jitter4Ban Emerald

    Errr... Gonna wait for other people to respond...
    Quiet27 likes this.
  4. Chubbymoose Silver

    Nice circlejerk Livided. :)
    AjuniPajuni likes this.
  5. Ikel123 Obsidian

    Quiet, get off of this thread you hoe.
  6. Niblic Regular Member

  7. AjuniPajuni Regular Member

    Small recommendations. ONl have 1 koth per day, every day the time of koth changes by say 1 hour. This way it is more centered and all timezones can still have a chance. 3-2 weekend koths. Big Koths that have a reward. 3 for the 3 main regions, AU, US, and EU, but AU can be taken out. Maybe take this a bit further and add in a monthly KOTH, but only 1. This has a even greater reward. Rewards could vary from power to money to enchanted items like swords or picks, or even opples.
  8. gtwillwin Silver

    I like this. Might could use a bit of simplifying for the masses but overall a good idea.

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