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Discussion How To Fix Annihilation

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Unhinge, Apr 14, 2019.

Discussion - How To Fix Annihilation | Page 3
  1. dahivi Platinum


  2. karabear04 Regular Member

    Scouts with diamond should have slowness

    I also like weeb's idea about the minez grapple in anni
  3. Igla99 Regular Member

    ns b8 m8
  4. Ivandagiant Silver

    I actually am pretty happy with the costs on the store currently (The steak is so useful and isn't hard to get), but I do miss some of the more unique items that it used to have. I actually did use the recall stone before quite often, I would love to see it return. It was on the more expensive side though, especially when you consider that it only worked half the time. Wands were pretty cool too.
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  5. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    The issue with anni now is NOT the classes, the classes are fairly balanced most of the time, someone are frustrating to lose against, or play with but...
    I think that almost every class it's unique and have a clear role in the match, even a farmer.
    You got support classes, Tank classes, combat classes, Non-Combat classes like the builder, movility classes.
    The problem is the motivation, the game is entertaining and i enjoy a lot every match i play, but i feels empty, they are almost no clans or organized teams, it's hard to find a elaborated team.
    Also i find the game very struggling to new or returning players, a In-Game link to the anni wiki would be really handy to new players, or returning players that dosen't know about new mechanics.
    Achievements And Quests.
    I looked the last Stream of "Nexus Natters" in the channel and i heard something about milestones, i think that's a good step into the right direction, but but also you can put daily quests.
    You like defend your nexus?
    Kill 20 players in your nexus and get 50 Shotbow XP.
    Not only you are doing the role you like, but also you are getting REWARDED for accomplishing your role in the game.
    You like rushing into enemy nexuses?
    Hit a enemy nexus 30 times in Phase 5.
    Reward: 100 Shotbow XP.
    Also the quests would be available every single day, and you can do a maximum of 3 every day.
    That would encourage the players to get into a specific role in the game, without frustrating, because you are doing a role that you are chosing.
    A achievement system would be really good for competitive players (Or "Top-Tier" players), but also for casual players, you can put easy achievemnts to new players, or returning ones, but also a super hard achievement for the top-tier players.
    The rewards can be divided into tiers.
    Tier 1: Easy Achievements
    Rewards: 50-250 XP, +100 Rank points.
    No special achievement.
    Tier 2: Medium Achievements
    Rewards: 500 XP. +800 Rank Points.
    Special achievement: A class only obtained by a achievement.*
    *This to not make only a porcentage of players can get a class, if you put a class only for the top tier players, it can be opressing to new or not very good players, it would be better if everyone can afford to get that achievement to unlock that class.
    Tier 3: Hard achievements
    Rewards: 1000-2000 XP. +1000 Rank points.
    Special achievement:
    A colored name with the 4 colours of the teams. A true symbol of respect.
    It's cool, it dosent affect to the game, and let to know everyone that you did that super hard achievement.
    To try to avoid a abuse of this system, you must complete a tier in order to pass to the another tier, its a progressive system, and also encourages to progress.

    EOTW Clan Wars: (End of the Week Clan Wars)
    A good stuff for fomenting the creation of guilds/teams/clans, it's a end of the week event.
    Every end of the week, at a certaing time of the day, 4 clans would organize a Clan War.
    It would be a normal Anni match, but every Team can choose to block one class from the match, at the start of the match.
    A maximum time limit of 2 hours.
    -The bleed effect dosen't stop until reaching 2 of health. (Instead of 5)
    -And clans must organize with the Staff to make a hour suitable for all clans.
    This could make a big return for the organized teams or clans, we are really capable of that, this gamemode has a good feedback, and a lot of veteran players (Clan leaders), only they need the motivation to play.
    Also you can reward the teams that play a Clan War, encouraging them to play more.
    (I know i said it's not the principal issue, but it's a hot topic.)

    Classes like the Tinkerer, Lumberjack, or Farmer are the problem.

    "But why?

    They are not broken!"

    Yes, but they aren't viable.

    Lumberjack: Even the wiki says it. It's outclassed by the builder.

    Tinkerer: Outclassed by the bard, and TeamGriefing.

    Farmer: Dosen't affect too much the game to make a impact.

    The classes dosen't have to be better than another, they should be different.
    For example:
    A lumberjack can make a skybridge faster than a builder.
    But a builder can make a better skybridge in a long time.
    The tinkerer can powerful buffs for your team.
    The bard offers some more buffs for your team, and also can debuff enemies.
    The farmer can make a impact using it's actives and also, can be a good movility class.
    I will be cover that in a moment.
    Farmer: (Rework)
    Buff: The farmer dosen't have to eat, making it the class with more stamina and you can always keep running and regenerate health without eating.
    Buff: Nearby (6 blocks) allies can regererate their hunger bar, 1.0 of hunger every 3 seconds
    Nerf: Feast active removed.
    The farmer can support it's teammates without a powerful active, meaning that can make other stuff without losing time with the feast skill, a farmer can combat while supporting it's nearby allies.
    Also makes him a more versatile class, you can reach places more faster, and for example, supporting your allies in mid, or in a rush.
    The nerf to balance the class and to make it not OverPowered.
    Builder: (Rework)
    Buff: x4 Logs everytime you cut a log. (Instead of 1 log now 4)
    Buff: When you craft wooden planks, you get 4 planks more. (Instead if 4 now eight)
    Nerf: The Stone axe no longer has efficiency.
    With these changes the lumberjack would do it's job different, you cut the logs a bit slower, but you get a more of planks that a builder.
    It's NOT better than the builder, just a different alternative, because they are similar classes.
    Also, the lumberjack is not a Combat class, it's brute force is a tool to defend from enemy introuders, he can wipe out a leather enemy, but probably he can't solo a Iron/Diamond enemy if the lumberjack is on leather.
    Now the lumberjack can build way faster than a builder, but only wood structures.
    The builder can build brick, wool, glass structures, but slower than a lumberjack.
    Tinkerer: (Rework)
    Buff: All their PowerPads effects are increased by I.
    Buff: Indestructible PowerPads (Exept by yourself)
    Buff: Double XP every time a ally steps on a PowerPad.

    Nerf: Diamond PowerPad removed
    Nerf: Tinkerer PowePads have 180 seconds of LifeTime.
    Nerf: You can place only 3 powerpads.
    The tinkerer can now be more viable.
    Unlike the bard, the tinkerer cannot hurt it's opponents, but it can support way more your team now with it's stronger effects.
    But the bard have unique effects like Regeneration, or weakness for your opponent.
    Both of them would be perfectly Viable.
    That are my thoughts, sorry for my bad english.
    Feel free to reply.
    Thank you for reading.

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  6. Ivandagiant Silver

    Daily/Weekly quests would be awesome! Milestone were confirmed on the livestream I believe.

    I do disagree with your view on TInkerer though...Yes, Bard did replace tinkerer is SOME situations, but tinkerer is still incredibly powerful. It's not hard to mine some redstone and have speed blocks ALL over your territory. Tinkerer has an almost global presence. Tinkerer can support your ENTIRE team at once, and I'm not even mentioning the emerald blocks (turns your team into an unkillable force when used correctly). Even if it is only Speed I, this allows all your teammates to escape and chase fights they couldn't before. The difference is very noticeable.

    I actually prefer lumberjack over builder, but you are right that lumberjack is lack luster. I am the type of person who prefers HUGE, SOLID wooden walls over the smaller builder walls. Lumberjack requires you to go out and get a decent axe before you can overtake builder in the amount of blocks though. I wouldn't be against having lumberjack gather even more wood. Your suggested buff would almost over x8 the speed lumberjack gets wood currently, but would that really be a huge issue? I don't know. But a buff would be nice.

    Speaking of under utilized classes, hunter is in dire need of a rework or buff. The traps don't even trigger half the time, and enemies rarely fall for them once they realize a team has a hunter. I am going to make a thread about how to improve hunter soon.

    I think that building in general needs a buff too. There are so many ways to bypass walls now it isn't really worth the effort anymore to build them. Hell, you are more effective and get double xp if you just sit in the nexus instead. I think that they should streamline the process of building somehow so it doesn't take as much time to get a decent wall up.

    EDIT: Murg has responded to me in discord and cleared up a few misconceptions I had. I still feel like Hunter needs some changes though. He is also going to be looking into the absorption blocks for tinkerer
  7. Unhinge Platinum

    Quests - what would reason is there to have them? The reward is xp sure but xp is so easy to get on annihilation, especially with xd codes as well , my point is people would prefer to do challenges for the pride of doing something difficult than killing 20 people for some xp- extravagant longer term goals are more fun imo and “motivating” for a game like anni

    We’d all love to see organised clan wars and events but there is like 3 clans who’d realistically partake in these kind of things AT MOST so not much can be done if it’s sporadic sadly

    I’m confused if you have played these classes? https://imgur.com/a/S0G0bLG you have 5 games played total so I doubt it but I recommend you play the classes before giving suggestions..
    Farmer gets perks when it eats like chance of health regen or extra saturation and it’s feast ability feeds team mates nearby and removes hunger effect , lumberjack is mainly used as an easy way to take down bridges and break armour not to get wood which is why it doesn’t compare to builder which gives every resource for building , tinkerer is a support class that’s capable of working wherever you have control over really and you want to make it different to bard by limiting it to 3 pads total which means it’s onlt capable of working in one small area like bard?! Etc etc
  8. Unhinge Platinum

    Anni really needs a 5-10m tutorial of some kind which guides you through the basics on like a private coastal map. It’s a complex mode which makes it fun but it can be quite difficult to teach new players how to play and stop players leaving quickly after as they’re too over whelmed possibly.

    Also alchemist’s regen 3 is way too powerful right now. After a brief discussion in the discord the vision for alchemist’s regen 3 is to make it extremely tanky for a short period of time but I’m not sure how fitting that is for alchemist which really a utility class.
    A gapple is 72 gold for 20 seconds of regen 2 and 8 absorption hearts iirc but regen 3 is possible to make for ... 0 gold! ( if you got lucky with farmer + builder ) which is fine but its hard to mass produce gapples but making lots of regen 3 isn’t hard at all as even if you buy everything it’s only 36 gold.

    So how I believe it could be changed,

    -Change the regeneration 3 to regeneration 2
    I think this alone would be enough to make it balanced although definitely still worth making (speed + str 3 are already very good)

    To address the tankiness idea, possibly the addition of brewable resistance potions could fill this gap if necessary.
    My idea would be only alchemists would be able to make and use them (so they can’t be made splash ). They could be drinkable but short lasting still , the idea being they would drink it just before rushing a nexus and by going first they could absorb Mercs, immos, bloodmages , insta dmg etc
    Ideally i’d Say resistance II for 20 seconds (that’s a 40% reduction in damage which is extremely powerful but maybe alchemist could make a cauldron version of res 3 for like 10s :?)
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  9. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I haven't seen any regen 3 rushes but I expect they are happening. I however agree with the brewable resistance potions. However It would probably be a case like blaze powder where it is extremely rare and/or expensive.
  10. Wilconia9_ Regular Member

    It's not possible to reach silver II with only 5 Losses.
    17.000 XP in only 5 macthes?
    And 154 kills?
    About the quests...
    I just said examples, it can be XP as it could be any other stuff, the thing is to encourage players to play a anni game, and perform a nice quest at the same time.
    Tinkerer: It wasen't a good change, i accept my error with this one.
    Farmer: I know what farmers do, the looting and perks are fine and i like it a lot, and it's not OP, the famine skill is okay, but the feast skill dosen't make a good impact, that skill as i suggested as a passive it would be better.
    The lumberjack:
    I think that is forcing a class to be a PvP class, rather than a utility class, like the miner.
    They are a lot of better options.
    Why i would ever try to a break a armor when i can kill him with a Warrior, pyro, Berseker, Succubus and almost pvp class, and of top of that stealing their armor.
    If you want to really get rid of a armor, use swapper or scorpion and throw them to the void.
    A good thing would be to change the lumberjack skill, it dosen't fit on that class.
    It's like miner but instead of gold rush gets a Frenzy, it dosen't fit and contradicts it's use.
    Resistance its not necessary in a already good class.
    I agree with the regeneration 3 being removed, but not with the resistance.
    It's a 50% of healing rate being nerfed. (25 ticks to 50)
    But then you would make resistance II, and it's the same but better, because alchemist can now resist any sort of damage. (Even void damage)
    Solo rushing could be even more viable with that, a good diamond armor, protection II, and a good sharp III or IV, strength 3, and why i would every worry about a mercenary, or like 4 persons hitting me, i have regeneration 2, resistance, it something happens i can always drink another potion of resistance, and i can easily kill them with str 3.
    (Without a gapple, imagine a gapple with 18 hearts and resistance 2.)
    You can argue that a alchemist it's useful in defense too, but it would be too op, you could solo defend a rush, it's not okay.
    Immobilizer it's fine, if its alone in the nexus only protects the nexus for a few seconds, then it becomes a vanilla, immos generally dosen't use good armor often.
    Mercenaries, you can rush with your team, and now you can solo rush because i have 40% of resistance damage, the mercenary skill would become useless, you just would glow.
    And imagine if you rush with your team, you would become unstoppable. The mercenaries are very good to defend, but you don't need to engage them, a teamate can engage them for you, Defending is strrugling sometimes and with this change it would become even more harder.

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