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How the Annihilation map rotation works

Discussion in 'Map Rotation' started by Galap, May 16, 2021.

How the Annihilation map rotation works
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  1. Galap Developer

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    The Map Rotation schedule
    Maps are divided into tiers. A map’s popularity will determine which tier it is placed in, which in turn determines when and how often it is rotated. The map rotation happens bimonthly (twice a month).

    The tiers
    • Tier 1- Classic and universally popular
      • Maps in this tier are always in the rotation*
    • Tier 2 - Community favourites
    • Tier 3 - Randomized selection
    • Tier 4- New maps when they are added
      • Not every rotation will have a new map added
    *Maps in any tier may be switched out for their seasonal variants; if any.

    How do I know what's in the rotation?
    When the rotation changes, a new thread will be created in the Map Rotation sub-forum which contains the maps in the rotation broken down by tier.

    How can I be notified when the rotation happens?
    Follow the official Shotbow Twitter and join the Discord to keep up to date with the latest rotation.

    Can I make a map for Annihilation?
    Yes! You can submit as many maps as you like; but remember quality over quantity. See the Shotbow Build Submissions Guide for details.

Thread Status:
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