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How MC 1.9 would affect Slaughter

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by POWER_RANGER55, Apr 14, 2016.

How MC 1.9 would affect Slaughter
  1. Power_Rangers Regular Member

    Now I have been doing mostly pvp in 1.9 but I have played a decent amount of survival fighting mobs. I'll try to include shields in this as not adding them would be strang if slaughter were to go full 1.9. With that I'm going to just jump right into this.

    Skletons are a lot more annoying in MC 1.9 as they strafe a lot and would become harder. This wouldn't be too unwelcome of a change as they are kind of a joke at the moment. Also with shields skeleton's arrowws would be useless.

    With shields a creeper explosion does 0 damage meaning creepers could be easily dealt with.

    Swipe Attack:
    The new swipe attack will allow players to attack multiple mobs at a time which will be useful for chickens especially and preventing the player from being overrun.

    The cooldown might make some players to become overrun as they do not know how to perfectly time attacks

    Axes will actually be worth it with their high damage.

    diamond armor will be more worth it as it reduces damage around twice as much as iron. Other armors have been nerfed and will cause the player to take more damage.

    Potions and bows will be able to be offhanded and used with a sword/axe

    With current hunger system giving constant saturation regen would become op and this would have to be reworked.

    A couple suggestions:

    Hunger (for hunger management and rapid regeneratio
    Lingering Potions

    If I missed anything please leave a reply.
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  2. Power_Rangers Regular Member

    I have made an annihilation version of this which you can get to here
  3. Aexon Regular Member

    You can remove tool's attack speed in server's properties.
    When 300+ mobs are spawning it is IMPOSSIBLE with 1.9, and if they keep 1.9 cooldown, they will have to reduce mob spawning, less funny.
    Skeletons will be dangerous when the bug with dogs will be fixed (Skeletons are scared of dogs).

    "diamond armor will be more worth it as it reduces damage around twice as much as iron. Other armors have been nerfed and will cause the player to take more damage."
    Uh, really ?
    Diamond armor has always been 2x more efficient than iron, iron was nerfed, but diamond armor followed, so no differencies, player will take 2x more damages in all cases.

    My tests in difficulty EASY:
    Full iron 1.9 : 9.5 in creeper
    Full diamond 1.9 : 5.5 in creeper
    Full iron 1.8 : 5 in creeper
    Full diamond 1.8 : 2.5 in creeper
    So creeper can one shot in hard, what's slaughter difficulty ?

    After trying in solo, to use shield against creeper without armor does 2 hearts, with iron armor it does 1 heart, but creeper without shield does 9.5 hearts on full iron.

    The hunger system is different, it is based on saturation and not hunger bar, so they will have to change things to not have instant regen because of 20 saturation etc...
    You forgot the lingering potions that could be added but I think it should be an end-game item.
    The potion & bow will be cool with the second hand, I don't use bow on Slaughter, so maybe interesting :)
  4. Power_Rangers Regular Member


    300+ mobs would be more trouble but with shields and the swipe attack would make fighting multiple mobs a lot easier but I'm not sure as I haven't played a lot of PvE in 1.9 just PvP for the most part. Slaughter is a bit easy though so a difficulty increase might be good :stuck_out_tongue: As for the diamond armor I don't think it was double iron before but I will agree diamond armor will be about the same now that I think about it. I based that statement off my PvP experience with diamond armor seeming very OP compared to iron armor.I will keep how it's written though as the scale to diamond armor will be much more worth it. Uses shields on creepers will still reduce damage a lot more than current armor but I will say that if you did not invest in a shield you will probably die from the new buffed creepers. I will have to include the saturation thanks for telling me that :) . I'll also include the lingering potion which will be really good against the later waves.

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