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Suggestion How I may be able to get Shotbow to 1k players

Discussion in 'The Network' started by pokeminer9999, Sep 25, 2020.

Suggestion - How I may be able to get Shotbow to 1k players
  1. pokeminer9999 Gold

    So it has been a while since I have posted on this server, but I have recently got back into MineZ with my brother, and we have got atleast 10 people to play with us, most of our friend group, and we have been having a pretty good time. The idea I have that could get shotbow to 1,000 average players came to me last year when I noticed that two famous streamers were playing on this server, atleast they joined the MineZ lobby and then decided not to play. These two streamers are xQcOW and m0xyy. Now first way that I knew it was them is that, little known fact, m0xyy Watch live video from m0xyy on www.twitch.tv is a platinum member on this server, and used to play HCF back in the day. It is also known that m0xy used to be a big minecraft player before he played overwatch and met xQc, so it is not unreasonable. This is his page on shotbow https://shotbow.net/forum/members/m0xy.38422/ We can be certain that this is him because he has the same IGN and skin as m0xy from this video and he has never changed his name or skin on this server since 2012, meaning this is definitely him.

    These two streamers were spotted by me on MineZ sometime last year over the summer, around the time they were doing Minecraft Monday, it is possible that if they decided to stream MineZ, it could have reached 10k players, as xQc can easily get 40,000+ viewers, and MineZ would be a perfect game for stream sniping.

    This is where my plan comes in... at the moment there are no good games to play, nothing big on twitch, except for Among Us, and that game seems like something you could only play with a large group of friends. I think people are looking for the next kind of game where they can stream snipe their favorite streamer, kind of like PubG. And, MineZ would be perfect for this. I can see the LSF clips now of streamers getting hundreds of "sounds like someone is nearby..." messages as they get pummeled by hoards of stream snipers.

    So how do I make this happen? Very simple, I slowly and surely butter up m0xy, our resident platinum shotbow member streamer, and convince him to just play MineZ for a tiny bit, and if we can do that I am sure that with this open market with no fun games to stream, we may either addict him to the game, or get some popular clips from all the stream sniping mayhem. Now it does seem like Among Us is very popular amongst streamers, so I don't know how or when I will insert the suggestion, but I think if we spend time strategizing we can think of the perfect time to convince him to play. It is also noteable that if I do get confirmation that he will play MineZ, the shotbow admins should be ready to gigaboost the server capacity for atleast a day or two, if that it is possible for cheap, I know that the servers now are stable with the amount shotbow has at the moment, but I am sure that with a massive unexpected influx of players the servers would crash or be too laggy to be playable and may ruin the plan. I think as a server we should strategize on how to get streamers to play this game, because all of us remember that MineZ got its first massive popularity boost from famous youtubers playing it.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk, and if any of you want to also see Shotbow hit 1000 or more players, you know who to ask to play MineZ.

    Watch live video from m0xyy on www.twitch.tv
    Watch live video from m0xyy on www.twitch.tv
    Watch live video from m0xyy on www.twitch.tv
    Watch live video from m0xyy on www.twitch.tv
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  2. PrayIt Platinum

    You gotta do this man I believe in you. We have to revive Minez to what it once was.
  3. Smartzz Emerald

    M0xy said on stream he wasn't coming back to it bc he got stream sniped. Shotbow also has rules in place that don't allow stream sniping and players can get banned for this. Your best bet is Dream who is currently in the Shotbow discord. He could do some hardcore thing on here for some cash and you've got a young population of players who want to come on shotbow and meet dream and play minez. If they stick around long term money says they stick with anni. That's generally how the flow of things work.

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