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Question How does one apply for an admin position on Shotbow?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by TheRoyalArcher, Jun 25, 2018.

Question - How does one apply for an admin position on Shotbow?
  1. TheRoyalArcher Regular Member

    I'm really curious about this and I want to become an admin but I don't know how to go about it. Any help is appreciated


  2. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    When a team (MineZ, Anni, etc.) is looking for new admins, they'll typically open an applications. These are announced here on the forums both in the monthly Dentril's New Moon update thread as well as in a post in that mode's specific subforum. It doesn't look like there's currently any open applications, but keep an eye on the site's main page and the monthly updates, that's where they'll be posted.
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  3. Jingle535 Gold

    If you are hoping to become an admin I would recommend to just keep yourself active, participate in the community, report hackers when you see them, and show yourself as a friendly person. This way when the applications roll along you will have a better shot at it. Best of luck TheRoyalArcher! I saw you before and you seem like a cool guy :)

    (Btw not a staff just cliché advice :wink:)

  4. Jackd44 Platinum

    not that i would know how to become an admin myself, but just thought it'd be a good idea to mention joining the discord if you're not already there

    (and if you dont have a discord account i imagine that's how all the admins are communicating these days, so you're most likely going to want one)
  5. TheRoyalArcher Regular Member

    Thanks! I appreciate the help!
  6. Athys Platinum

    Just be helpful and dedicated, show the full administration team that you have something to offer to the network. Whether that be patrolling, being actively involved in the community, or creating content for Shotbow, etc. if you are a contribution person then your on the right foot to becoming a mini-administrator. Take it from me, I'm a retired staff member (see signature).
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