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Discussion How do people feel about django and boba?

Discussion in 'Assault' started by persin9, Jun 24, 2015.

Discussion - How do people feel about django and boba?
  1. persin9 Regular Member

    I think they need a buff, but being able to pull when they're flying away is really good. I think that evens it out ( a bit too much) Jet packs should being able to last longer but pulling jpers should be easier.

  2. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    I really don't like Bobs, just never seem to do well with him.
    Jango is easily my favourite class, because the more sniper-like weapon (higher damage than the other guns, but much less shots before it overheats) takes a fair bit of skill to use effectively as if you just spam then you end up dying a lot. The flamethrower and time bomb do next to nothing damage-wise so those could do with a buff, I only ever use the flamethrower if there's a massive group of people in a big mosh pit. Adds to the carnage :3

    Having a little commando knife or something similar which has a tiny damage buff compared to just punching with your hand would be really cool, as I often like punching the carp outta people when they're a little too close for comfort.
  3. Jarool Emerald

    The thing with Boba is that... well... it has less ammo than Leia and shoots slower than her too. I think Jango shoots faster (haven't played him since pre-alpha) and he has infinite ammo (with overheating being the only thing you have to worry about). But even then, versing a Boba as Leia can make for a close match, as Boba's gun is beefier (I believe). It's just easier to kill steal with Leia than it is with Boba :( That's my biggest problem with him.
  4. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Kill stealing is a fairly big problem with the ranged classes, hit someone 3 or 4 times then a friendly guy swoops in and one shots them while you're trying to get the last hit in...

    Jango's gun deals 2.5 hearts, can only shoot 5 successive shots before a lengthy cooldown.

    Not sure about Boba's gun, I think it's 2 hearts though (unless it's been changed, the rocket launcher deals 2 hearts with a direct hit, which isn't enough to make it worth using IMO)

    Leia deals 2 hearts but can fire MUCH faster and the reload is I think faster than Jango's cooldown, so usually Leia can just out-spam the others which I don't like.
  5. Braunsleeve Platinum

    I thought Leia's dealt a lot more (Leia is one of my favorite classes, personally) but maybe that was from a rage buff, I just remember getting hit for 3.5 hearts once
  6. Canadian_moose Gold

    I still don't get why they split Django and Boba. They could've just made Boba then add a different shooting class.
  7. CPUChase Platinum


    For an idea for those who havnt played using Jango Fett, here are most of the kills I got in my first game playing as him.

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