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How do I find out my MineZ Stats?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by GreatTornado, Aug 8, 2013.

How do I find out my MineZ Stats?
  1. GreatTornado Platinum

    Hey just wondering how I find out my MineZ statistics? I've been going over the achievements list and the healing rewards have appealed to me so I was wondering like how many people have I healed, how many people have I killed, how many zombies I have killed etc


  2. matjellison Regular Member

    I don't know if you can check them but there is a Stats page somewhere. Just can't find it :/
  3. Masacz Platinum

    In-game, type /stats show , from there you can do more commands to find out the info you're looking for.
  4. Kezzbo Platinum

    I did the /stats show it works but, when I did it all my stats but played for and alive time where blank?
    Do you have the same?
  5. Lomrun Platinum

    You can do ingame "/stats show"
    To see you zombie kill stats in this 'life session'. The kills you got since your last respawn and counting. All other things you can check at your achievement list. You can see them when you go to your profile and then achievements. Or click this link, i have searched it up for you. https://shotbow.net/forum/members/greattornado.511540/

    As you can see you don't have that many achievements / aren't that high. So I am guessing that you are playing on EU. Unfortunally you can't see your stats on EU on this website. Since it only keeps track of US. This doesn't mean you can't get any achievements on EU. Since it does get tracked in the database. But you simply aren't able to know how many kills / heals etc you had. Unless you keep track of them by yourself.

    Also EU and US don't share heals / kills etc. Meaning if you go for 10k career kills and have 8000 kills on US. It will still mean you have to do 100000 kills on EU. Not 2000. EU and US have complete different counters.

    The spawnkit you buy / unlock is shared though.

    I hope that answered your questions.
  6. Noobie_White Regular Member

    "/stats show " doesn't work in minez.
  7. Kezzbo Platinum

    Why would you necropost 3 years after the last reply
  8. gpandaman Platinum

    Look closer, it's been FOUR years. Gotta be close to the shotbow record lol

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