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No Prefix how can we improve the vampire class?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Zvezdochet12, Jan 2, 2021.

No Prefix - how can we improve the vampire class?

how can we improve the vampire class?

reduce the time spent in bat mode 5 vote(s) 100.0%
put a certain height, above which you can not climb 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Zvezdochet12 Regular Member

    Hello, I have been playing for a long time on shotbow.net. I don't fully understand why anigilation in the vampire class removed the transformation into a bat. You added Blood essence to it. it doesn't help at all. And the effect of vampirism is fixed so much that for almost the entire time of the battle, only 0.5 - 1 hp is restored. Because of the fix, the vampire class has become completely useless. I think removing the ability to transform into a bat was a bad idea

  2. Mysterious_Seven Platinum


    Only clans and bum rushers utilized Vampire. The flying made it possible to move an entire rush team to an enemy nexus via Riftwalkers without alerting enemies and could easily bypass any and all defenses. Vampire is easily one of the most undertuned classes to date, and cannot and should not stay at its current iteration. It is a lackluster ability in a useless range, especially with scout on the field.
  3. Tobi472 Platinum

    Vampire is not that bad. Still the bloodsense ability is just poor and with a pvp based passive vampire doesnt need it at all
  4. Ivandagiant Silver

    I'd love to see vampire keep the ability to transform into a bat, but limit the time so that it is only used for quick escapes and make it less punishing to use maybe
  5. Establishment Gold

    Personally I think that the new bats blood essence ability is way healthier than the previous transform ability. The reason is because I don't think the transform had a very good use in anni. It was very niche and I'd say most people just used it to cheese rush. I do think the fact that the kit is only useable 50% of the time is a terrible idea. I understand some classes being more useful in a meaningful circumstance like through the game's natural scaling and progression like handyman only really being good early, but bat being useful is under a inconsequential circumstance which is the time of day on the map. The time of day affects literally nothing else but a single class. The reason having a class only useable at night is a bad idea is because typically for a class to be compensated for this gigantic weakness, (in this case getting no lifesteal and weakness 1 during the day, basically unusable during the day) it needs to be given buffs to balance out it's weakness. Normal classes gain an ability or buff without a weakness or downside. Vampire is literally nerfed during the day. This means that it's basic abilities should be even more stronger during the night than any other class. It isn't though and even with it's lifesteal during the night it is worse than a lot of other classes. If vampire was actually buffed under this approach it would be pretty much a feast or famine class which also is terribly unhealthy :). Now the new blood sense ability they added. I am glad they gave it the buff it needed because it was actually a huge nerf to yourself when you used it before. I think they are coming from a good view of a bat blinding itself and then to make up for that they temporarily gain the ability to sense camouflaged players, however they are not quite reaching how this ability probably should work.

    Heres my idea: Instead of completely reworking the vampire class which I believe should be done, we can take a step towards this and try to reduce the unhealthy part of the kit which is being useful at night and completely useless during the day. My idea is that Vampire should keep it's current buff during the night which is lifesteal, however during the day, the vampire is not debuffed meaning it is just a basic class, it doesn't lifesteal but it also doesn't take extra damage or have weakness. Blood sense ability should give blindness for the entire 5 second duration, but it should reveal all enemies. Bloodsense should temporarily reveal all vanished, invisible, and crouching enemies to only the vampire. The vampire should also get it's lifesteal passive during blood sense even during the day.
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