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Holiday Gifts

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Dec 19, 2021.

Holiday Gifts
  1. Mistri Network Lead

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    Happy holidays, Shotbow! Today, we have a ton of holiday gifts for you. Read below for more info!

    Holiday Bundle

    For a limited time only, we are offering a spectacular Holiday Bundle! This package includes LIFETIME Platinum, a bunch of cosmetics, and more! Only available this holiday season: December 19 - January 2.

    This Holiday Bundle offers a ton of cool perks:
    • Lifetime Platinum Rank ($100 value) - Platinum tag in-game + all premium benefits, forever.
    • 5 Shout Out Tokens ($10 value) - share some holiday carols with the whole network!
    • Footsteps Particles ($5 value) - leave your footprints in the snow with these cool particles, available on almost every game we offer.
    • Mr. Chill Pet (LIMITED EDITION) - this awesome snowman was only available for 1 month back in 2013, but he’s now back and better than ever!
    Individually, these items are $125. This Holiday Bundle special is available for $79.99, at nearly a 40% discount!

    For those that are looking to upgrade to Emerald or Obsidian, purchasing the Holiday Bundle for yourself—or purchasing as a gift for someone else—will grant your account $100 in credits towards Emerald or Obsidian.

    Network-Wide 4x XP Multiplier

    For the next 2 weeks, enjoy a network-wide 4x XP multiplier! This multiplier is compounded with any premium multipliers — so if your current game has a 3x XP multiplier from a Platinum member, there will be a total of 12x XP! We hope you enjoy this holiday gift from the Shotbow team :heart:

    New Perk for Subscribers

    Got something to say after that fight at MineZ? Had a really solid game of Annihilation and want to give your team a pat on the back? Does someone need to get R3KT!? All of these can be accomplished with a shout out: a message that is broadcast over the entirety of Shotbow - all you need is a Shout Token.

    From now on, all Subscribers will get 3 Shout Tokens for every month of active subscription! These can be used to broadcast a message to the entire network! Simply do /shout [message] in the lobby to send a message to everyone.

    Shotbow Shop Changes

    We've made some changes to the Shotbow Shop! These changes have been long requested by the community, so thanks to all who have given feedback. We will continue to make additional changes over the coming months, so stay tuned for more.

    • Dark theme is back! Now you no longer have to burn your eyes when purchasing from the Shotbow Store.
    • Changed the prices on all items to $X.99 instead of $X.00 (e.g. $49.99, not $50.00).
    • Updated premium descriptions to be a bit more up-to-date!
    • Touched up rank icons, giving them a fresher look!
    • Moved the list of premium perks from the top of the premium page to each of the individual premium rank pages.
    • Grouped Cosmetics together, and clarified that cosmetics are not only available in the hub.
    • Rebranded "Shout Out Tokens" to "Shout Tokens".
    • Fixed bug: if you swap languages at the bottom of the store, you can now switch back to English.
    • Miscellaneous design changes/fixes on the new dark theme.
    Gamemode Holiday Festivities

    If you haven't already tried it out, go check out MineZ: Sleigher's Delight update, and SMASH: Merry SMASHMAS update! Both introduce a ton of fun new features for MineZ and SMASH for the holidays.

    We'd love to hear what you think about these gifts. As always, thanks for flying Shotbow!
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  2. Dayily Platinum

  3. Tobi472 Platinum

    what I really dont like about the post is that it doesnt state that the covid xp boost ended right here. What a scam
  4. Dayily Platinum

    such a scam
  5. Tobi472 Platinum

    it really is lol

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