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Discussion High Lv Players

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Runkelpokk, Apr 13, 2018.

Discussion - High Lv Players
  1. Runkelpokk Gold

    In Mta you can difference 3 Kind of Players
    noobs ( around lv 0-30) the just walk around loot some chest and if you attack them they are not able to kill you

    low Level Players (around lv 15-69 ) the will shoot back most wear iron stuff dont use moddet guns and sometimes use Diamond stuff the can kill you but the still are most quit easy to kill

    High lv Players (69-who knows which lv nana want to get) they use Special carbine and deagel or 9mm and a marksman they kill the most Players they will find if you want to Team with them you have to pay high Prices and if you kill them the will kos you with there hole gang and if you are not in a gang ... or dont be a high lv ... good luck...
    the most Players that die agains high lv Players quit and many of them wont come back.
    It´s verry hard to get lv 69 and get the experience to kill a high lv with a low lv account currently i often see Players around lv 50 but they quit bevor they reach lv 69 because they die to often against high lv Players.
    They dont have big lv Advantage and no gun they realy can use to kill high lv Players .

    I remeber in 1.8 i was around lv 70 and get killed by a Player named
    S_PabloEscobar_X he was around lv 50 and he killed me quit ezz by using a combat shotgun . I know i was one of the Players who cry to nerf the shotguns but know i see without them low lv Players have no single chanchse to kill high lv Players (i remember i died too often agains randoms with pump shotguns ) it was bad and i hated it but i realy want it back and i guess it would be more fair.

    I could talk about more gun changes but i just want to mention in the last few mounth i saw mayn Players that was active and not bad in pvp but they quit because the way to the sc is to hard and too Long without the 1.8 combat shotgun.
    We would have to many more high lv Players if you are high lv if you are lv 54 and not just of you are 69 and up

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