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Hey! I've got a CODING QUESTION!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by NinjaKid225, Jan 4, 2022.

Hey! I've got a CODING QUESTION!
  1. NinjaKid225 Platinum

    So my buddy and I are doing some stuff with TagAPI and we're having problems rendering the tags for specific colors for say teams and such. I know this kinda out of left field but we can't find any solutions online and we are taking to the forums of servers we know or (of all places) Reddit to see if anyone knows a possible solution or mayhaps an alternative to our problem. This is mostly when the player is trying to Render in the next player and the game determining it's name color when rendered.

  2. ohimgoodfornow Regular Member

    Write your own plugin.
  3. Khrystyian Silver

    Use TAB plugin instead of a API, there you can define everything including the tag, colors, displays, etc, with specific conditions (even PlaceholderAPI ones).
  4. notswipe Retired Staff

    www.zombo.com has a bunch of useful spigot resources, you can check it out there!

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