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Discussion Help me help the MineZ Map

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Fridge2177, Aug 26, 2017.

Discussion - Help me help the MineZ Map
  1. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    Yo people, recently I got access to being able to edit the chest markers on the MineZ Map (not the visual aspect but being able to put them on there is a start). I dont have a ton of time so I need your help to be able to get the correct information. All I need you to do if you choose to accept this is check the loot of the chests you get and put them into this document (link here). Any bit helps whether you do 1 chest or 500.

    The most important chests are obviously trying to figure out what is in the new "dungeon_in" chests. (Supply low, medium, high // Health low, medium, high // Combat low, medium, high). The only way to do this is to farm the same chests repeatedly and determine what the differences are between the tiers (for example a Supply High would have x8 cookies but a Supply Low would have x1 or something).

    In the document, just search a location (like Grimdale) to see if the chest you are finding is already there. If it is, add loot to the loot column, if not, make a new row and write the coordinates and all the rest of that jazz in the cells. Basically I need the location of the chest and the contents. I can determine the tier :)

    Again, I know that a lot of you will find this very tedious and won't help, but for those of you that do, thanks for making the MineZ map as good as it can be. Spread the word and pass the document to friends n stuff

    If you're wondering why I as an admin don't just go and get the loot tables, its because the wiki is a community run portion of the website and I will never be able to use that knowledge to just give to the public. I will be helping as well and gathering information as I go. It'll be a long process but eventually the job will get done :)

    TL;DR Put data in my spreadsheet so that we can update the MineZ map markers, thanks

    Also here is a sneak peak at the new MineZ map markers (hopefully) once we figure out how to get them onto the MineZ map https://gyazo.com/d514f3722c6f80d64434bf7ad65922e0
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  2. Goliac Silver

    Potion chest needs red color i think, instead of pink.
  3. Aexon Regular Member

    Red is for dugeon heal, and potion chests have always been pink
  4. Goliac Silver

    I know, but i think red should be for pots and pink for dungeon heal.
  5. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    Hey guys, MineZ Map now has updated chests markers thanks to Navarr :)
  6. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

  7. connor564 Platinum

    Fridge, sorry to bother you, but how can you or us accurately determine the chest tier? Last I checked (about a minute ago), the wiki is seriously in need of some updating for loot chests.
  8. linklink709 Regular Member

    Wait, is there any point to adding chests to the spreadsheet if they are already marked correctly on the map?
  9. IvanDoomy Mini Builder

    Most of them are incorrect. For example, every chest at Fort Kharj is either misplaced or wrong because the location has been rebuilt.
    Just don't trust the map completely at the moment. Most chests at spawn towns or small locations are probably correct, though.
    If you really wanna know the exact loot types that currently exist for a location just check the wiki. We're trying to keeping everything up to date as much as we can.
    Along with what I said, the map and the loot chest locations are probably gonna be updated once the Origins Part 2 update comes.
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