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Suggestion Heist Suggestions (Simple but Practical(I guess))

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by BrassBuilder, Jan 27, 2016.

Suggestion - Heist Suggestions (Simple but Practical(I guess))
  1. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    1. Breaking in should be harder
      • I think that breaking into the vault is WAYYY too easy
      • To solve this, make maybe some vents you have to crawl through and/or some cops in the main lobby to attack you if you are spotted with tnt
    2. Breaking out needs to be more difficult
      • When breaking out, all you have to do is blow up the back wall in one of the vaults
      • make it so you HAVE to break out either through the vents, or through an underground maze or something
    3. In general, they are just too easy. When I do heists, I just break out the back and fly up in my jetpack. I'm even considering bringing a helicopter next time so I can fly to the world limit and just chill over the extraction point until I get wanted 0

  2. xrcfvbn Platinum

    I like the guards idea
  3. hora6112 Platinum

    I like this; currently its really unrealistic how you can just walk into the bank, and run behind into the bank vault without anyone caring, and after you steal the money the cops are alerted. I think there should be some guards, they don't have to be very strong, that are found behind the main desk of the bank (people just using the bank to deposit money shouldn't get attacked, of course)
  4. SaigyouAyakashi Regular Member

    Perhaps instead place the guards around the vault itself so that its easier to code them not attacking normal bank customers
  5. 323465963 Retired Staff

    What about a payday-style heist where you have to place a drill (can be a modeled block) on the wall, and protect it as you drill through it?
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  6. Juschio Regular Member

    Problem with that is that random players can easily often kill newbie heisters. I do want a wave by wave concept though, and by god, please add a actual alarm, I WOULD LOVE THAT!
  7. AGearBeast Platinum

    that's an beautiful idea :')
  8. enderman494 Regular Member

    oh yis pls.
    Also will there be other heists from GTA Online? I think the Humane Labs raid would work excellently with MTA.
  9. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    So these ideas I am putting forth only would be for the bank near the "runway" and battleship, not the big tower one. The other one is a freeking maze :lmao: Also, I think TNT needs more of a use than just bank robberies and rescue missions. Like, it's really under-used. But the guard thing should be there for both banks.
  10. storm345 Developer

    I like these ideas, and more banks (and therefore heists) will get added! :D
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