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HCFactions Map 24 - Youtube

Discussion in 'State of the Server' started by Guru_Fraser, Mar 4, 2015.

HCFactions Map 24 - Youtube
  1. Guru_Fraser Lead of HCFactions

    Youtube XP Scheme

    Youtubers, content creators. People who give back to our community. We realized those who make videos for our server are helping us, and we massively appreciate them. We decided it was time to reward them for that.

    This scheme offers you guys a chance to earn XP rewards for providing HCFactions YouTube content. If you submit a video that has already gotten a bunch of views, you will be rewarded for the views AFTER it has been accepted, not before. However you’re welcome to submit older videos if you’d like.

    Note this is a little bonus, not a massive chunk. We’re currently reviewing our xp reward ratio and we may increase it if we feel its a bit too low.

    We have implemented a new system for youtubers. You can now associate your YouTube channel to your HCFactions Minecraft Account. It is super simple, you need to know a few things

    • Your minecraft unique identifier - If you don’t know it use http://mcuuid.net.
    • Your youtube channel unique identifier - If you don’t know it, go to youtube and hit “My Channel” on the left side of the page. Now in the URL it should say http://youtube.com/channel/YourUniqueId your unique id is the random characters after channel.
    Once you have gathered the above you can get ready to use our system. Firstly go to your youtube channel and click about then edit your channel description here you need to put exactly the following: Minecraft UUID: <YourUUID>
    Replace <YourUUID> with your minecraft UUID, which you should have gathered above. You do not need to remove your pre-existing channel description, you just need to have this right at the beginning.

    Now you have set your channel description, enter HCFactions and type /youtube registerchannel <Channel ID> replace the channel ID with your YouTube channel identifier you collected above.

    You should now be associated, however if you have any problems Mod Mail in and Guru_Fraser will try to help resolve this for you as soon as possible. Now that you are associated, you can submit videos.

    To submit a video you can use our simple command: /youtube submit <VideoID> the video ID is the unique ID of the video which is found within the YouTube URL, after ?v=. We’ll use my own video as an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U89fEEXXLTc the video id for this video is U89fEEXXLTc I highly recommend you copy and paste this into the command as this is case sensitive.

    Now that you've submitted your video, it will go to our admins to review this to ensure that the video is HCF related, once they have accepted the video you will receive your XP Rewards for that video.

    Thank you for providing us with the content you do, we appreciate it. Enjoy our little token of gratitude.

  2. Guru_Fraser Lead of HCFactions

    .... Map 24... lol
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  3. PindaFlippy Emerald

    Didn't seem to work for me today.
  4. SuperBlockboy10 Platinum

    Doesn't work for me

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