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HCF Build Submissions guidelines

Discussion in 'HCF Build Submissions' started by Djmaddox, Aug 18, 2013.

HCF Build Submissions guidelines
  1. Djmaddox Retired Staff

    In order to keep it easier for us to review, please try following these guidelines. We are always looking for new builds, whether it's a KotH or something else. :)

    1) Include a bunch of screenshots. You can upload these at imgur.com and please use the standard texturepack, or a faithful texturepack.

    2) Do include a .schematic file. Without a schematic file, we will not be able to use your build.

    3) Include the names of the people that worked on it.

    If you have any more questions, you can post them in this thread.

  2. schiindler Retired Staff

    Since it said I can post, I am going to post my question.

    How do I post a schematic? I have a world download file of my build ready, and I wasn't sure if that was enough.
  3. krad125 Regular Member

    how big should the build be

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