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Question Hardest dungeon in MineZ 2

Discussion in 'MineZ 2' started by Pichu2002, Sep 7, 2015.

Question - Hardest dungeon in MineZ 2
  1. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

    What is the hardest dungeon currently in MineZ 2? All I know of that count as dungeons are Manchester Basement and Lavectus Vault, but even then, Manchester isn't finished. So I'm just wondering what other dungeons there are that are beatable (so don't say Therum's Temple) and are hard...

  2. kscopekid Gold

    There aren't really dungeons in minez, but I would consider therum spire to be the hardest if you consider the 2 spires to be a dungeon.
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  3. Champion_Guiga Gold

    There technically are no completed dungeons that could be counted unless they are Therum's Spire and Pluvia's Spire, which I count both since Fire Spire in MZ1 is counted.

    Lemme guess, Astrum Omega 2 is coming? :lmao:
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