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Suggestion Harder/More Realistic MTA

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Jingle535, Jan 10, 2016.

Suggestion - Harder/More Realistic MTA
  1. Jingle535 Gold

    It would be great if their was a new type of MTA that made it more fun and realistic. It seems like its too easy to get good gear in MTA and it would be cool if the game was more of a challenge. The main thing I want is that everything is more rare and more hard to get.

    The things listed below are my personal ideas they are somewhat scattered and not perfect but you might be able to understand what I am getting at.

    Feel free to share your ideas also :)

    It would include things like
    1. Gear is more rare
    2. Weapons are more powerful
    3. Balanced Robberies
    4. Different types of cops that have different limitations.
    5. Longer time for death and Jail
    6. Money is harder to get / Economy Balanced
    7. Everyone gets a starter house
    8. Levels to use items are lowered a lot
    9. Separate Inventory


    Explanations of ideas:
    1. In real life you can not walk into a city and easily pick up and AK-47, a Molotov, and a car. This would make even simple pistols somewhat rare to find. The basic type of fighting would be melee. Grenades and armor would be rare like guns. Cars would be difficult to find and things like helicopters, planes, and jetpacks probably would not even be able to be found. Helicopters, planes, and jetpacks would be gotten by doing heists. Food would probably be a common item since many people would be walking on foot in the beginning.

    2. Once again, in real life if you shot someone with a pistol even just a few times they would be dead. Guns would be deadly powerful and expensive. This would be countered by ammo cost. Also, since guns are rare melee weapons would do more damage.

    3. When you attempt to rob a place the rates should be dramatically increased. Bringing any kind of gun for a robbery would make it an instant success. Bringing melee weapons increases the chance of winning a robbery, and even just using fists gives someone about a 1/3 chance of succeeding. The counter to this is that if the robbery is successful, you are an instant 3 star target. Failing the robbery just gives you a 1 star wanted rate. Also, robberies can only be done as a civilian every 10 minutes.

    4. When becoming a cop you have 2 options, basic cop or swat. Basic cops can only use things like pistols, and machine guns. Swat can use anything. The catch is cops are able to attack all criminals, and Swat are only allowed to attack criminals 4-6. Cops would be able to change class once every 3 hours.

    5. When you die the time of waiting will be extended to 3 minutes. The waiting time will not be spent staring at a red screen, the people will be teleported into a "dead" room where there will be parkour or whatever. When jailed you will have to wait 7 minutes, complete an escape parkour, or get busted out. The escape parkour will be similar to the current one, just about 4 times as long with checkpoints. To get busted out you need a partner to blow open the door.

    6. With these other changes the economy would need to change. Just to start I very likely forgot to talk about something. The selling/buying price of melee weapons and food would be greatly decreased. The money gained for killing civilians would be decreased. The money for spending Shotbow XP would, in a perfect world be removed but, extremely decreased. The cost of backpacks would be extremely decreased. The cost of houses / apartments would be decreased and the Shotbow XP would be decreased. (Especially for gang houses). Other things would need to be balanced.

    7. Everyone gets a free basic starter house that has only 1 chest. In the real world their is always somewhere to stash at least a little bit of gear, so this house would be like that. This would also help new players.

    8. Simply put, some of the levels are too high. You should be able to shoot all pistols by ~Level 20

    9. A final important change would that these "hard" MTA games would have to have a separate inventory as the other MTA games.

  2. Cahillguy Regular Member

    This seems like a nice variation of MTA! The main problem is really just the 3 minute wait time when dying; many people will just quit playing if they have to wait 3 minutes every time they die, so just keep the respawn time as it is. Also, ammo is kinda expensive as it is; making ammo rarer already balances out the seemingly cheap ammo.

    An idea I'd like to add is that the ammo should correspond to the gun - right now, $60 handgun ammo works for both the 9mm and Desert Eagle guns, when in reality the Desert Eagle uses .50 AE (there are other ammo types that I cbf putting down), while the 9mm uses, well, the 9mm obviously!
  3. SilverScarab Silver

    So essentially my role play idea with more details and no role play :stuck_out_tongue:

    I'd be down for either of the ideas to be completely honest.
  4. enderman494 Regular Member

    About damage, in GTA Online you can take a ton of bullets before dying (especially with armor) so I think a longer time to kill might be better.
  5. Juschio Regular Member

    Shhhh.......How will I kill people with handcuffs then? :lmao:
  6. Kingey Retired Staff

    It are good ideas, yet we have to look at the fact that if, for example, we were to add more Cop classes, the main goal of the game would almost change to becoming a cop as they get all the 'cool' stuff.

    Apart from the classes, the damage that guns inflict could be tweaked a little, but certainly not changed to 'real' numbers of damage. If we were to die with 2 hits, then wait 3 minutes, and then die again, the majority of the people would be playing parkour for a living.

    And we already have a seperate inventory, the backpack. You can purchase this with XP.

    For the robberies and the levels, if we are allowed to fire all the guns in the game at level 20, it basicly ends at level 20. Whats the point after that? What goals can you set other than getting a big house or creating a gang? Having levels sticked to the guns just gives levelling more of a purpose.
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  7. storm345 Developer

    I like the cop class thingy and I might implement that as a means to nerf player cops for low wanted levels.
  8. Jingle535 Gold

    Storm the community does not seem to like the change that was made. Please read this message that I posted on another thread about what I think about the cop idea.

    SniperFido77, I also agree that the cop thing was not implemented well and does not work well. I actually was the one who came up with the idea of having cop ranks (https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/harder-more-realistic-mta.336400/#post-2713351) but when I made this thread I was not intending on having specific things taken from it. I think having different cop levels is still important, but how it is implemented is important. With the idea that I put there, the cops were nerfed but so was everything else so it was balanced. Taking a big nerf and adding it to the current game will likely not work well or make the community happy. I think the cop ranks may be able to be kept or tweaked, but it will need to come with a buff for cops as well.

    I know you guys are working hard and trying to improve the game, but before making a change I would suggest talking to the community. They might be able to see consequences for actions that you might not notice. Maybe before every change you could put a poll and thread up for 2 days so that you can see what the community thinks.

    Once again THANK YOU so much for all your hard work and dedication. I see you replying to many of peoples ideas and making some of them happen, which really is amazing. Sorry if you are receiving hate for changes that are made, don't take it personally.

    Good Luck!

  9. Jingle535 Gold

    Mainly @storm345 but other staff or players could respond. What do you think about the general idea of making it more realistic? I understand doing this would be an investment of time and resources but I think it could really turn out well. If your thinking no I just want to understand why you think like that.
    (Sorry If this is somewhat rude I just want to know where this is going)

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