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Happy Holidays from Shotbow!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Dec 25, 2023.

Happy Holidays from Shotbow!
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  1. Mistri Network Lead


    Dear Shotbow,

    Happy holidays from the staff team! We really appreciate all that you bring to the network. Without you, we wouldn't be up and running, so we really appreciate each and every one of you. To celebrate, we have a few gifts for you!

    Shotbow Shop Sale

    From now until January 2nd, enjoy 20% off all Shotbow Shop purchases using coupon code HOLIDAYS2023.

    Holidays XP Code

    Additionally, we have a free 15,000 XP code valid from now until December 31st. Redeem in-game using code HOLIDAYS2023.

    Free Holiday Cosmetics

    Enjoy the following custom holiday cosmetics, free for everyone during the holidays!
    • 5 free balloons: Gold / Green / Red / Silver / Striped Bauble
    • 1 free trail: Festive Cheer
    Thanks for flying Shotbow!

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