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Discussion Hacked Clients/Autoclicking/etc

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Cupu, Jun 17, 2022.

Discussion - Hacked Clients/Autoclicking/etc
  1. Cupu Platinum

    Arguably, more so than anything to do with the actual gamemodes themselves, the thing driving new players away is Shotbows cheating problem.

    It feel like it was at a bad spot especially about a month/month and a half ago.

    Imagine the first experience in the game is being autoclicked to death by someone who paid for premium. You'd probably feel some type of way, and probably not play the server again afterwards.

    I do not care about ban appeals, reports, etc. If your suggestion is to make more ban reports, than you are missing the point. Why make another ban report on the same player I've reported like 4 days in a row.

    In my experience, A LOT of the premiums on this server hack or use some type of macro. And then their friends who also hack will defend them in the chat or on the forums.

    I take a lot of breaks from playing this server, mostly because of stuff like this. If I wanted to get my back blown out i'd play GTA V and try to deliver goods in a full lobby.

    Is there any real solution to this problem? Is there a reason the anti-cheat is disabled/weak?
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  2. Hingey Platinum

    My guess is that staff have settled on the fact that some of the active player base are closeted hackers. At least with them games fill out better, ignorance is bliss situation. I have experienced similar problems as you and it is frustrating. Most of the time these players are banned months later only to pop-up with an alt. Similarly, I do not want to spend my leisure time going through process of reporting a closet hacker on the forums, if I did so I would never actually get to play. There is a reason admins with abilities to see what normal players cannot exist. I'm not sure what the policy is for IP banning someone is but maybe that punishment should be delt to cheaters. Even then you can get around that with a vpn, and no your vpn banning protection is shit and blocks people that use ISPs with differing geographical locations than its user such as myself...

    I find it hard to believe that my assumptions of ignorance is bliss is not true, why else would you be able to bypass the VPN blocker with a premium account? Its all just a money game.
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  3. Cupu Platinum


    While I don't like bringing attention to threads like this, ReapingWelfare touched on it a bit in his post, but Shotbow did used to have a lot more devs than I remember, and they helped keep the anti-cheat up to par.

    I don't want this to turn into a staff bashing argument or anything.

    More so than bringing us new modes, I'd much rather want to play the modes you have available, without the constant threat of someone turning up their click speed by 100, or an invisible player flying around with a bow.

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