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Discussion Gungame

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by DominatorJack, Dec 29, 2015.

Discussion - Gungame
  1. j4xh4x Regular Member

    Although the main game is pretty dead, the Gungame mode of wasted seems to some of the times have enough players to have a good, fun match going. If we focused more players from the main game to Gungame I could see wasted being fun again, at least until the release of control.
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  2. FearTheRainbow Platinum

    You, must not forget that Gungame is not like wasted. Wasted it's self has more things to offer, cars and jetpacks even objectives. Put it this way Wasted as a whole is a chocolate bar, Control and Gungame are only two chocolate kisses. Wasted is dead but with people supporting it, I am sure it can be great again.
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  3. 323465963 Retired Staff

    Gungame is being worked on, and heavily too. Multiple developers and builders are working on this project, and have even added new guns, as well as new maps. There's just some polishing up that needs to be done, but aside from that, it'll be up and ready in a jiffy*

    *note, not actually a jiffy, as that's defined as 3.33564*10^-11 seconds.
    Just soon, okay?
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  4. HypeTrains Regular Member

    Noone plays gungame because for the past few months you legit couldn't start a gun game match and none of the staff knew that until goldblade found out in a stream.
  5. KoenigApfel Regular Member

    I would like to triple-like this :heart:

    @Brass but I would like to at least. And if there is an update coming I will gladly accept a few weeks of fasting
    And it was only 1 month...
  6. Robertthegoat Developer

    Correction - staff knew about it, but A) could not isolate a cause, and B) were busy elsewhere. At around that time, developer resources were aimed at patching Sandbox. At the present time, Gun Game is receiving the final tweaks, and Control is catching up. Expect upcoming tests!
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  7. KoenigApfel Regular Member

    Could you also set some at a EU compatible time again?
  8. Robertthegoat Developer

    You'll have to define for me what EU compatible time means, something I can translate into my time. I can try, but college may interfere on weekdays.
  9. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    GMT+1 is a fairly central timezone for EU people, on weekdays peeps will usually be playing between 4pm - 9pm after school, which is around 10am - 3pm EST. That will likely interfere with almost all US peeps who attend school/college so weekdays may be difficult to get US hosted tests on.

    However, they don't necessarily have to be hosted by US staff members!
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