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Discussion in 'Death by Void' started by Orangechrisy, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Orangechrisy Platinum

    Sometimes while playing DBV I would accidentally fall down and I'm really far into the course. But falling takes 4 or 5 seconds off your time. Can we get the tnt ground to be higher up so that we don't fall as long. Even making the tnt 40 blocks down would be an improvement.

  2. pokepeople01 Platinum

    It's supposed to be like that, as a penalty from falling.
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  3. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    If tnt was aded on the ground, then it would help increase your time, but it would also help everyone else that plays increase their time aswell. In the long run, it would have minium effect.

    Also like pokepeople said:
  4. kaiomann Gold

    Don't fall. Simple. Or just quit when falling.
  5. Aamaranthine Silver

    Well, since the course ranges in heights A LOT, it is not even possible to have the tnt ground closer in most cases.
    One of the latest courses was generated with the tnt ground 1 block under the 2 of the "obstacles" and honestly, it was a pain passing this area because everytime you moved slighty down, you were "caught" by the the tnt ground... It could be a bit annoying when you are trying for the top 5. :wink:

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