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No Prefix Goodbye classic Wasted? :(

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by TheDoozyCod, Feb 21, 2016.

No Prefix - Goodbye classic Wasted? :(
  1. Codnuggets457 Regular Member

    So this is my first thread and im probably not going to be good at this but whatever.

    RIP Wasted as it was loved. Wasted 2013 was the best and it kinda just gradually declined and now its gone(until rerelease as I have heard)

    When Control was out for a bit in like 2014(?) It was really fun so im looking forward to that.

    Now to the main point of this thread.

    Good memories of Wasted 2013? :) Such as riding a pig into c17 and killing all noobmare because of engineer. Getting a mech during a slow time and ruling the server. ski_95 and other good people(I don't know much as I was a noob back then and didn't know who was good xd)

    It was a good run.
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  2. InstantLightning Jr. Developer, Web Mod Lead

    It is not gone forever! No worries, it will be back improved one day, that is why it is in the garage! :D
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  3. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Only losers like wasted.
  4. _Arty Gold

    Is this negativity really needed? :/
  5. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Just a prank bro
  6. _Arty Gold

    I don't see any cameras. :eek:
  7. NotDiezel Regular Member

    It's right there bro
  8. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    RI(f)P = Rest In (fixable) Pieces. Because Wasted was in pieces. My favorite moments were the times when I would get that lucky kill on KARLITO262, and then one month later became friends with him, after being considered that annoying 12 year old kid. (I can't recall my age then or now :wink: )

    But probs my funniest moment was entering a mech while dead and killing the jetpacker who just blew me up. Than ofcourse I was stuck in that mech and couldn't pick anything up but I got a lot of people saying lol when that happened. Someone got his stuff but it was still worth the ghost mech kill. Lol.
  9. Robertthegoat Developer

    Wasted is being overhauled in every sense. I'll be looking to the forums while we develop plans. If you want to get started early, think deep down about what made Wasted Sandbox special to you; that is, what elements made Wasted what is was: what gave it its identity.
  10. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I'm really not understanding why this wasn't done one or better two years ago when it was needed REALLY bad because when wasted comes back there may be 15 players on it max after about a month because the only people who would come back would be the wasted crew from before I left and the occasional noob. :/ But still excited.
  11. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Robert wasn't working on it 2 years ago :wink:
  12. FearTheRainbow Platinum

    Wasted will be fine, in fact it may even be better.
  13. TsarDavidIII Regular Member

    Honestly, I could not care. I am waiting for control right now. I still had my JP and stuff when the server was shut down but obtaining such items was so easy. I look forward to a better version of Wasted in the future. THe game was still fun tho
  14. Storm_AI_01 Regular Member

    The biggest issue is the persistence. Wasted worked in a manner that everyone would start with the crappy P30 and find good stuff, and the lucky few would get a PKP or a jetpack. After persistence was added, to save people from temporary network issues, people would keep their stuff forever, and it started playing like a severely unbalanced version of MineZ.

    The solution? Prevent people from keeping their stuff across multiple servers. Persistence should only exist for one server. This would bring back so much focus onto objectives and away from getting the best stuff and 200+ killstreaks.
  15. Litnetti Emerald

    The one thing that destroyed Wasted was the unbreakable hierarchy of players. It was completely unfriendly toward those new to Shotbow.
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  16. Cahillguy Regular Member

    Aside from just persistence, you mention that focus should be brought "back" onto objectives. Of course, I agree with all of what you said.

    Unfortunately, what were the "objectives"? To a new player, it would be the systematic announcement of "A new weapons cache/mech/[insert objective] is available at [coordinates], capture and hold for 7 minutes!" (Or something like that.) To those with more experience, they either ignore it, or camp it with the OP stuff they already have to farm these new players - this is their idea of fun!

    Obviously, the newbies who attempt to PTFO (or so it seems) will get farmed over and over by these campers, so they will eventually learn that those "objectives" are to be ignored. After all, even if someone does successfully capture and hold the objective, what do they gain? A new weapon to kill more players with. But what do you need to kill players for? Camping and holding an "objective" is always going to be one-sided; the only people who find it fun are those who kill others who take forever to get there, only to die a useless death. This also applies to the diamond being the "final objective" - the payout is not worth the amount of time you have to hold the diamond for.

    So basically, there was no real "objective" to Wasted. Yes, I get that it's called Wasted: "Sandbox", but it gets old eventually - those who die all the time just quit; those who go on several killing sprees get bored when they can't farm any more players. The closest thing you can call to the "objective" is to kill others, which is basically what the game devolved into. But if that's the objective, why not just play Gun Game or Control? You get a lot more action in those gamemodes, instead of wandering around for half an hour gathering weapons, only to lose it all to that jetpacking farmer.

    Now, imagine a whole bunch of farmers all friendly with each other, giving no inch to any new player that doesn't try to buddy up with them. It becomes a negative feedback cycle - the objective is to killfarm. We are the only ones who have the ability to do so. New players have no chance. They quit. But then we can't farm anymore! So we'll have to quit as well.

    I know I just wrote a wall of text. But, my main point is that Wasted Sandbox has no gameplay, due to the lack of real objectives that everyone can fight over. Yes, you two stated two factors that definitely led to the demise of Wasted. But, this was inevitable from the start, when there was no roadmap for Wasted; it was perceived as doing just fine, making some minor adjustments, while the major adjustment (nerfing jetpacks) pissed everyone off, so people just quit. What the devs now need to do is overhaul Wasted, and add real objectives for players to fight over, and actually encourage teamwork.

    I shall finish off by directing you to this thread. The summary of me and ColonolKAITO's ideas is in this sentence:
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  17. Robertthegoat Developer

    Something that bothers me to some extent from a lot of threads similar to this, and where the discussion is going, revolves in part around statements like these:

    "destroyed Wasted"
    "demise of Wasted"
    "failure of Wasted"

    Now, first off, I would like to clarify that in no way am I suggesting or trying to hide the fact that yes, the Wasted community shrunk over the years to a very small group, but why? Something that I don't think is appreciated enough is how much boredom with the underlying game plays into the longevity of a game. When you talk to many of the former players, its not just "I'm an ex-Wasted player", but often as I find, its more often "I'm an ex-Minecraft player", or simply "I got bored of Minecraft in general". It is true that the games servers can be seen as a separate game. Mini games offer new gameplay dimensions that reinvigorate survival and build vanilla mechanics into something with its own identity. And its true that this diversity of gameplay breathes life into the game as a whole - people stick around longer when there's something unique and exciting. And that was Wasted in its day.

    Fast-forward to a few months ago. Gameplay has gotten old and redundant according to the community, and few people are left playing. Bugs play a part in that, few new features as well. Yes, there were players that used the same objectified gameplay to make things difficult for others. But on that same note, what good is a game to a new player if there is no end result to work towards? Back in the early-mid period in Wasted's existence, players who were new did not all just quit - I cannot count how many who get fired up over the features they saw being used against them and would work harder to achieve that level of power. It made it all the more special.

    Longevity. What I spoke about above was not meant to counter the fact that Wasted has seen its better days pass. But I think at some point you have to appreciate that a game has served its reasonable life and entertained enough people to call it a success, and accept that games have finite lifespans no matter what you add/tweak/remove. And I believe appreciating that is most important to reflecting positively on your experience and remembering how much you enjoyed it.

    Blah blah blah. How does that affect Wasted today? That's what everyone wants to know. And I say, what is Wasted, to you? Past the idea that "Wasted failed", what kept you coming back in the day? What were the good parts that kept hundreds online at a time? If you cannot answer that directly, then try the more broad question: What did Wasted offer that you found to be special enough that you would logon regularly and follow the game as a community member? I think there's no shame in answering that someone of the features outlined above were the very things that kept a strong community for so long; whether or not they were good for the game and/or its longevity I'll leave up to you. But as we revisit Wasted to reinvigorate and re-imagine what it could be, I think we all need to think about what it was. And for me, I'm looking through each and every one of these threads for the elements which players held dear to the name of Wasted.

    I think the shortened way of saying all that I just wrote is that the new Wasted will be built on a new foundation, but may still contain those elements that defined it. As a member of the community, you have a tremendous opportunity to shape its future - not just by giving new ideas, but also supporting those elements that you think defined Wasted for what it was and what it still is to those that remember it fondly.

    I hope that gives if nothing else, a slightly different perspective to help encourage conversation about the re-imagined Wasted. :)
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  18. Litnetti Emerald

    While Wasted had no real "objective", I did have loads of fun playing it when it was massively popular.
  19. woohooman14 Platinum


    This pretty much defines my experience as a player. Simply put, I made it my own end goal to get the gear that was being used against me, if for no other reason than to be able to fight back.
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  20. dejesus09 Platinum

    *Plays Wasted*
    Goes around
    Finds a Shop city
    Gets headshot-one hit kill OP as crap by a Mosin Rifle guy with a jetpack
    or by a man with a mecha suit
    ****ing tryhards
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