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Announcement Gold Rush - How to Play!

Discussion in 'Gold Rush' started by Murgatron, Mar 31, 2019.

Announcement - Gold Rush - How to Play!
  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Welcome to Gold Rush, a fast paced PvP gamemode from Shotbow!

    The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy teams smelter before they destroy yours!

    There are several ways to damage the smelter but all strategies revolve around one key material – GOLD!

    Gold is used to unlock new classes and items, as well as upgrades and buffs for your team.

    So grab a pick and start mining! Even with a wooden pickaxe you’ll be able to acquire some gold ore.

    Throw the gold ore into the lava at your smelter (yes really!) to refine it. For every piece of gold ore you smelt everyone in your team will receive some gold to spend individually – this is displayed in the scoreboard.

    Miner is the default class – warrior, archer and rogue can be unlocked by constructing the relevant class building to open up new PvP tactics.

    Classes can be upgraded by opening the upgrade menu at each building. The same can be done for the shop to unlock more potent potions, as well as enderpearls and bombs!

    Each base has a gate that will only open for teammates. The bases also have several weakpoints (look for iron bars!) that can be destroyed by the enemy.

    Pirate cannons and rampaging iron golems can be bribed to wreck havoc on the enemy team. Look out for the quest NPC in each map!

    • The higher tier a pickaxe is the faster it can repair and the more damage it can do to iron golems!
    • Everyone gets their own gold to spend – make sure to spend your gold as a group on one upgrade to get it unlocked faster!
    • Money makes the world go round – so ensure you have a variety of classes being used.
    • If you die 3 times in quick succession you will be granted extra buffs – use these to repel the enemy!
    • You cannot repair damaged walls or gates – but these will start to heal if not damaged for a short period of time.
    • You cannot enter enemy buildings or smelters.
    • Enemies can sneak into bases if the gate is open!
    • Make sure to spend your gold before getting into combat – the enemy will get 50% of whatever gold you had on you if you are slain!
    We hope you enjoy the open weekend. Feel free to leave your own tips and feedback below - we want to know what you think and if the mode should be a project we continue to work on! :)

  2. DutchSurvivor Obsidian


    PS: Murg, share some bloody XP, will ya? :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. connor564 Platinum

    What's the map dimensions for a gold rush map? Like, 100x100? 50x50?
  4. Hingey Platinum

    Please make a new map for release both the current ones are flawed.
  5. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Please expand upon how they are flawed. It would be useful because I'm thinking about making a new map and they also need to know.
  6. Hingey Platinum

    Icarus has fewer areas to attack the smelter but you have no way to defend the walls(get to the other side) so you have to legit wait for the enemy to break in before you can attack. Valley solves that problem however its smelter area is much too big and enderpearling into the compound lets enemies have free rain of all your stuff due to the vastness of the base.

    Also, the damage values suck, it shouldn't take me 1 minute of constant wailing to kill a prot one archer as a warrior.
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  7. Jarool Mini Admin


    The damage has to do with a very slight attack cooldown. Really needs to be fixed.
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  8. RockN Regular Member

    I'm really enjoying this new game so far, but I've noticed some problems.

    The biggest of all of them being that rushing is the best tactic. If there are enough enemies rushing your base,
    you simply cannot do anything except defend. This is supported by many other small issues,
    the biggest one being the fact that death penalties are not harsh enough.
    You lose 50% of your gold, and re-spawn after only 5 seconds.
    Because of this, players can keep rushing non-stop, until your smelter is destroyed.

    There need to be more upgrades.
    I'm assuming more are in the works, since this is still being developed,
    but there definitely need to be some kind of defense upgrades, improving walls, etc.
    As, currently, maxing out all the upgrades can be too easy.

    I feel like it would be better if you had to repair damaged structures manually. Maybe at a cost to gold?
    Because, currently, destroying anything other than the smelter, is pointless.
    Maybe if structures had more health, and the buffs of that building were reduced by it's destruction, it would be useful to attack other buildings.
    For example, if destroying the shop meant destroying all the items bought from it, or reduced it by a tier, it could be useful to attack it.

    The Shop
    The shop, or more accurately, the items from it, need some balancing.
    As, currently, carrying a full inventory of splash potions of healing II, essentially makes you immortal.
    Players can simply run away for a moment, throw 2 healing potions, and be at full health again.
    Or have a stack of Ender pearls, and a few healing potions, and they could just teleport wherever they please.
    My suggestion would be to add an item limit on healing potions and Ender pearls, effectively limiting their currently unlimited power.

    Currently, mining gold feels very sluggish with a wooden pickaxe, even mining just one block of gold ore takes 7.5 seconds with a wooden pickaxe.
    My suggestion would be to change it so that you gain gold ore just by hitting the ore, the amount given would depend on the pickaxe you have,
    maybe even getting slowness or mining fatigue, so you can't mine too fast.
    However, this would require reworking the gold smelting system.

    The Gate
    Maybe right-clicking on the gate to open it, as it is too easy to get in a base by waiting at the gate.
    The second someone notices you and tries to kill you, you get in the base and can go straight to the smelter.

    Rogue Class
    I've noticed a bug with this class. If the tavern is maxed out, and you switch to another class while in stealth mode,
    the speed boost carries over to the other class, and the XP bar refills and stays full.
    Meaning that you can have speed 3 for 9 minutes as a different class.

    The Walls
    I feel some upgrades for these would be a good idea, along with either: Allowing the walls to open; Or changing the walls to look more like
    a weak wall, or damaged wall, and less like a gate.

    Alert Noise
    The current noise that's played whenever one of your team's structures is attacked,
    gets very loud and annoying when too many things are being attacked at once.

    The Floating Text
    I've noticed the floating text messing up and displaying either: In another language; or just saying "Armor Stand".

    The Tutorials
    I assume these are just work in progress, but they definitely need changed. All of the four of them are just the start of a tutorial,
    missing the middle and end.

    If a structure is destroyed while it is rebuilding, it will look destroyed, but still functions as if it wasn't destroyed.

    And Finally, The Maps
    In Icarus, I feel like you shouldn't have to sacrifice a large chunk of your health by jumping down just to reach the outside of either wall.

    In Valley, when the Iron Golem is destroyed, the text that is displayed has a grammatical error: "time make another!"

    I can see a lot of potential in this game, and I'm excited to see where the development team will take it!
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  9. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    I noticed 5 things you wanted changed is some things I've already said. Coincidence? Either way, I love that my opinions are popular even if you came up with them entirely separately I'd recommend copying this into a thread so it stays obvious because you've made a lot of good points. Also, instead of just placing a limit on amount of specific items you can carry, I'd recommend just filling every part of the inventory except the hotbar with glass panes that can't be removed so you can't just have tons of items and be super OP, and you'd only have 6 slots for items.

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