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Suggestion Glowing effect

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by STEVE1010101, Mar 14, 2022.

Suggestion - Glowing effect
  1. STEVE1010101 Regular Member

    Mercenary is the only class that can give enemy glowing for 10 seoncds (everyone can see).
    But Anni is the team game, vampire and hunter only show to ur self not ur team.
    I think we can change it to let our teammate see it (but not too long like 3 sec is enough).
    Since last Immobilizer nerf almost no one use it for defend, If we can let enemy glow when they get immo.
    I think those class will become more useful and not overpower.

    Btw can we sell spectral arrow in shop?

    *****Some dumb Idea*****
    add a comand /toggleglowing
    so you can see ur teammate always glowing

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