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Question Glitch... I need help or an answer from staff asap please

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by TeazHacks, Jan 8, 2019.

Question - Glitch... I need help or an answer from staff asap please
  1. TeazHacks Silver


  2. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    You could try using a VPN or Proxy to connect to Shotbow with
  3. Tozzu Platinum

    Except this started happening for most people AFTER they added the anti vpn plugin
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  4. _Silver Gold

    Seeing as a lot of people don't have this issue, it's definitely something on the client side (your end). The server wouldn't just decide on a few random people to consistently disconnect; there's probably some plugin it has that's having issues with some packets your client's sending. Have you tried connecting without any proxies/VPNs and no mods?

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