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Video Giant to carmi

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by DerpysLastMuffin, Apr 12, 2013.

Video - Giant to carmi
  1. DerpysLastMuffin Platinum

    Me and my friends were bored and decided to bring a giant to Carmi.

    We are currently working on a series called 'The Giant Olympics' and are making another video of bringing 3 giants along all of the coastal road. Wish us luck and the video will be out soon.

    If you have any suggest for the giant olympics please tell me.

  2. BillyBenji Regular Member

    That was pretty good..... I was afraid you had lost that diamond sword when you died in the end!
  3. Lucid_Vitriol Platinum

    That was pretty funny, I love how you used it as a sort of distraction to bandit. Just hope that there are as many people where you go in the future as there were there! Good luck.
  4. SticksOnSticks Platinum

    cot. raydar hax gj kid
  5. EspyEra Platinum

    Haha that was very funny! Why not bring it to grimdale :lmao:
  6. UndergroundAlly Regular Member

    Annoucer: Noobs Vs. giant wo will win.
    Giant: *burps*
    Annoucer: Now we know
  7. mynameispizzaman Silver

    bring it to camp bell next :lmao:
  8. DerpysLastMuffin Platinum

    Because i giant wouldnt fit into grim but we thought about it.
  9. DracoFreezeFlame Platinum

    You want a challenge? Well here's one for you.

    I challenge you: Bring a Giant all the way from Outpost Adera, the most North-West Place on the Entire Map, to Geuten, the most South-East Place on the Entire Map.
    1a: You must bring it the entire way

    1b: You may bring multiple Giants as a back-up

    2: You must record it all the way.

    3: You must bring it their alive.

    4a: Once your their, you must kill the giant and collect its loot.

    4b: If you have more then one giant, you must kill all of them.

    4c: If someone else gets the loot, you must kill them and get the loot.

    If that's too much, then just bring it from Adera to Paulstar, with the same rules as above.
    If that's not enough, then do it both ways.
    That not Enough? Then do it on the same trip! Same rules as above.
    More Challenge? Do all four missions in a single trip, meaning, Bring it from Adera, to Paulstar, to Geuten, back to Paulstar, back to Adera.

    MIGHT be a bit overkill, but oh well, just a suggestion. :D
  10. DerpysLastMuffin Platinum

    I am up for doing this but there is one problem!Giants cant spawn there. Should we bring the from another area? But i am definetly up for the challenge.

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