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No Prefix Giant MineZ 1v1 Tournament at Agnis - Winner gets platinium account

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by TTcreuse, Sep 8, 2019.

No Prefix - Giant MineZ 1v1 Tournament at Agnis - Winner gets platinium account
  1. TTcreuse Emerald


    This tournament is a 1v1 tournament,

    It will exclusively take place in Agnis Ignis.

    Quarters; Semis and Final will be streamed by Monster_Bug and/or 24marcel24
    Others matchs will be recorded aswell,

    You'll have to gear up yourself for each 1v1, respecting certains conditions. You'll be given days to re gear yourself between each 1v1.

    The rewards are:
    First place: The full acces account "Agnis_Champion" with a platinium rank OR a platinium rank on the account of your choice.
    Second place: A gold rank on the account of your choice
    Third place: A silver account on the account of your choice

    It is required to have Discord, to participate, because thats where will be shared the dates for the 1v1s.

    Rules of the tournament:


    To participate, please follow the instructions and give us the required informations here:

    Inscriptions closes on Sunday, the 22th of September.

    Thank u for reading, and come to have fun too :stuck_out_tongue:
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  2. plusouplus Emerald

    yes monster
    TTcreuse likes this.
  3. Sh4dowB0t Obsidian

    winning that roleplayer acc
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  4. Monster_Bug Platinum

    im going for the legendary enderdragon balloon

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