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Discussion - GhostCraft Class Fixes
  1. elmodag Platinum

    Since Wasted guns were just balanced out a lot, I figure its time to make this happen for Ghostcraft, the better gamemode :wink:

    The classes in GhostCraft are simply unbalanced, and I cannot stress that enough. Changes need to be made to fix this. Here are the classes that I feel are fine just how they are, and that other classes should be either nerfed or buffed to match them:
    • Support
    • Soldier
    • ShotBow
    • Hunter
    • Sniper
    • Machinebow
    • HomingBow
    Here are the classes that should be changed, and include possible ways to do that.


    • A burst bow. Shoots 3 arrows with one right click. Cool down between shots of around 3 seconds. Each shot on ghost does 1 heart, totaling 3 hearts of damage.
    • 48 Arrows.
    • Stone Sword.
    • Leather Cap.
    Possible Changes:
    • More arrows. This bow is the sister bow to sniper, which does 3 hearts of damage per arrow, but has 32 arrows. The logic is off. This bow also does a total of 3 hearts of damage, but in more arrows. The total arrows should be changed to 60. No more, since it only requires a simple right click, and not a full pull back.
    • Add a little more armor. Maybe just leather leggings, but something to keep these guys around a bit longer.

    • Single fire bow. Does 1 heart of damage a shot.....
    • 32 Arrows.
    • Stone Sword.
    • Leather Chest Plate.
    Possible Changes:
    • As suggested by about four people on US1, including Copp and Qwerty, the best change is to remove it.
    • But, to give a unique twist on it, i'd say give it 3 sugar. The speed could help out. As well as that, gear this thing up. Chain chest, legs, and leather boots maybe. Why should this class be known as the crappy Sniper. Make it the one bow class that has a lot of armor. It would be unique.
    • 1 heart of damage per arrow? The machinebow has that same damage, and you don't even need to draw back that bow. Not to mention, the machine bow has triple to ammo! Give this thing 2 hearts of damage, and if possible, increase the speed of a drawback.
    That would give this bow a purpose to be used, and would drastically even it out with the others. People would actually use it!


    • Bazooka Bow that fires ghast balls. Maximum damage of 4 hearts, which is a direct hit. This classes explosion has a huge radius and other damages varies depending on how far away the target is from said explosion.
    • 12 Arrows.
    • Stone Sword.
    Possible Changes:
    • Cut arrow count in half. 12 to 6, simple as that.
    • Or, keep the 12 arrows, but make the blast radius much, MUCH smaller.
    This is the most over powered class in the game, and most people leave when someone starts using it.


    • Flame Bow that shoots fire charges. The block that the charge lands on lights on fire. Hitting the ghost with a firecharge does not light it on fire, and does 1 heart of damage.
    • 64 Arrows.
    • Fire Resistance for 2:15.
    • Stone Sword.
    Possible Changes:
    • The only thing that is wrong with this class is how you can fire it faster than a machine bow, and the fire charges don't drop due to gravity like arrows. The best solution would be to make it so you have to pull back to fire it, and the charges would drop accordingly.
    Other suggestions:
    • Make different ammo for the BazookaBow and the FlameBow. So, blaze rods for BazookaBow, and Fire charges for Flamebow? Something like that so Support cannot refill their ammo, making them hugely OP.
    • At the start of a round, make it so its only 5 seconds of no TeamKilling. Right now, nobody can take damage in the first five seconds EXCEPT for the ghost. This gets it killed quite easier if he jumps down.
    I posted this here since I want the GhostCraft community to comment and suggest any other ideas to balance out the classes. So, comment away!
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  2. Subject_617 Platinum

    Sounds pretty good to me. Can't really think of anything major to change, I will post if I do.
  3. TheKitty Retired Catministrator

    A few notes...
    Under BattleBow you said Sniper has 32 arrows. They now have 16. And frankly, there are some very good people with BB. See people like Checkmate and Blackout. I think it has a very nice punch.

    The lack of drop on the Flamebow arrows is something that makes it different from all the others. All bows arch the arrows a little differently. My main problem with the Flamebow is those who think they can avoid getting in trouble hurting their team by using it or who disregard the team damage (little hint: it doesn't help them.)
  4. Subject_617 Platinum

    I'm not positive here, but I'm pretty sure that elmo meant that it is unbalanced because of the ability to fire arrows faster from flamebow when compared to machinebow (Supposedly as I really don't know), and thus, the best way to 'balance' this would be to nerf the flamebow firing speed or the straight firing.
  5. matjellison Regular Member

    Everyone complains about the BazookaBow. Why hasn't it been nerfed yet?
    Blaze Rods is the perfect item to use for BazookaBow Ammo. It is like Wasted after all. Rocket Launchers need Blaze Rods. Either way, I heard BazookaBow can surpass a 7 block wall...

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