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Guide Ghost Fleet Tutorial | Deadly Full Iron and a Corsair's Edge to boot

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Mr_3141592653589, Jul 5, 2019.

Guide - Ghost Fleet Tutorial | Deadly Full Iron and a Corsair's Edge to boot
  1. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member


    Hi, I made a tutorial for Ghost Fleet. Perhaps this could help out new people who want a nice walkthrough without voice commentary/casual talk. Special thanks to _Silver for his perspective and help with the dungeon.

    A few notes about the dungeon. 2 People are required to survive all the way up to the point the 2nd tether is destroyed, making it quite difficult as the parkour is incredibly extensive and intensive on this dungeon(arguably more so than any other dungeon). The amount of timed parkour is, even by my standards, frankly ridiculous. The rewards are not worth it, for the time investment to acquire. Ipse's Folly only sees incredibly specialised use, while the corsair's Edge only really seems worthwhile if you know your enemy will be using primarily Diamond Swords. Is it fun? If you're bad at parkour, certainly not. If you're good at parkour, if you have time too, yes as a challenge.

    Also in the description is a list of timestamps for all the sections as according to the dungeon. Also staff, I point out multiple flaws in the dungeon if you want to make it harder.
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  2. bombermatt360 Regular Member

    This is a really well made video! I hope that more people make content like this, so that new players can see how to do the dungeons. This made me want to try out the dungeon, and I probably will once I find a friend to do it with.
  3. plusouplus Platinum

    Great video

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