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Update GG Update Changelog

Discussion in 'GG' started by Marine_PvP, Oct 8, 2020.

Update - GG Update Changelog
  1. Marine_PvP Jr. Developer

    The purpose of this thread is to provide players with the knowledge of when changes are rolled and what those changes are. Future updates to the thread will be appended to the list below. (MM/DD/YY)

    7/26/2021 (v1.14)
    • Splash Potions now have the same velocity as vanilla
    • Fixed grapple nocheat

    7/22/2021 (v1.13)
    • Splash Potions now have the same healing range as vanilla
    7/19/2021 (v1.12)
    • (NEW) Spawn NPC with top kill count holder disguise
    • (NEW) TeamPvP Public Request
    • (NEW) Per player kill counter on the scoreboard
    • Stats will be reset upon the server reboot
    710/2021 ( v1.11 )
    • Added TeamPvP. Hosted by staff members. Players can join blue/red team and fight until one team is eliminated. The team that has the last survivor wins the game.
    6/28/2021 ( v1.10 )
    • Adjusted knockback
    • (NEW) Cobweb
      • Added a cobweb in /kit
      • Cobwebs can be placed outside spawn
      • Placed cobwebs despawn after 10 seconds
    • Fixed an issue where throwing a grenade after hitting a player didn't do any damage
    • Fixed a bug where throwing a grenade while looking at a block didn't work
    6/21/2021 ( v1.09 )
    • Adjusted damage to match MineZ
    • Adjusted knockback
    • Added two more KOTHs: Al Hasa and Skybridge
    • Removed Shotbow from KOTH loot
    • KOTH loot will now always give a diamond sword and golden apples
    • Fixed a bug where a direct grenade hit to players only did 0.5 hearts of true damage
    • Adjusted KOTH cap times
    • Added warp signs to make it easier to get to KOTHs
    • The spawn parkour has been remade
    • Added some new structures near the spawn
    • Improved hit detection
    4/18/2021 ( v1.08 )
    • Re-added kit signs
    • Adjusted knockback
    4/3/2021 ( v1.07 )
    • Added a 15 seconds warning before server restarts
    • Adjusted knockback
    • Fixed an issue with AntiLogger NPC
    • Temporarily removed KOTH and Healer kit until full rework
    • Updated tip messages
    • Removed kit signs as players automatically kit on respawn
    12/4/2020 ( v1.06 )
    • Made knockback similar to MineZ
    • Fixed a bug where leaving the cap zone while capping doesn't cancel the cap
    • Players now auto kit when respawn / join
    11/17/2020 ( v1.05 )
    • Knockback system has been improved. Players can now strafeing and ad tapping combo easier.
    • Added 2 more koth schedules
    • Added MineZ 1.7 splash potion velocity
    11/4/2020 ( v1.04 )
    • Knockback improvements: players now trade hits less, 1.7-ing is back, and players take less knockback when running away / drinking potions
    • Fixed a bug where fire ticked player cannot take melee damage
    • Sunken Tower Koth has been added
    • Koth now opens randomly
    • Added more Koth open notification
    • Changed the timezone from EST to CST
    10/18/2020 ( v1.03 )
    • Fixed a bug where players cannot redeem Koth key
    • Made Koth announcement less spammy
    • Slightly edited build for Eillom Koth
    10/15/2020 ( v1.02 )
    • Fixed a bug where Koth in Asian timezone wasn't opening
    • Fixed a bug where dropped items still despawn in 5 seconds
    • Fixed a bug where players could modify Koth loot
    • Fixed a bug where players get sugar debuff after death
    • Disabled ender chest storage as ender chests and player inventories are wiped upon server restart
    • Added a 30 minutes and 10 minutes notification before a koth starts
    • Koth now requires at least 10 players online in order to start (to prevent free cap)
    • Updated tip messages
    10/12/2020 ( v1.01 )
    • More improvements on the knockback system
    • Increased iron and diamond sword damage
    • Dropped items now get removed after 10 seconds
    • Fixed a bug where players get stuck in spawn tag wall
    • Fixed a bug where players could interact with chests, hopper, dispenser, etc
    • Fixed a bug where players sometimes have spawn tag after death
    • Fixed Koth loot
    • Koth cap timer was reduced to 4 minutes
    • Updated tip messages
    • Fixed a bug where Koth time was in GMT instead of EST
    10/9/2020 ( v1.00 )

    GG Overhaul update released: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/gg-overhaul-update.406228/
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  2. FaM_Rem Emerald

    Good 1.01 update! :D
  3. xwickedxshadow72 Regular Member

    love to see it

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