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Discussion GG needs some love

Discussion in 'GG' started by squallythewally, Apr 20, 2020.

Discussion - GG needs some love
  1. squallythewally Obsidian


    I'm gonna kick this thread off by saying that GG is still an important gamemode on Shotbow and it doesn't feel like this is considered the case. Firstly, who are the admins actually leading it; on the wiki it says Wayvernia is the lead and carrots the co-lead however a deeper inspection shows Wayvernia is now a councillor and hasn't been seen since early March while carrots is the RAP lead. It goes without saying that nothing can be done to improve the gamemode without a committed leadership. In synergy with a leadership, I'd also like to know who the relevant developer is (and if there actually is one).


    There are some minor fixes that need to be made to ensure the gamemode runs smoothly and maintains a positive player community:
    • Myself and friends have noticed that the hit detection on GG is different to other gamemodes thus making the 'practice' element pretty redundant because the combat system isn't the same.
      • Voymar noted in this thread that MineZ combat system needs to be the same.
    • KOTH often has a bug whereby a new player joins the arena and the queue breaks resulting in issues such as the current players end up fighting themselves.
    • Kit layouts need to be customisable to prevent the inconvenience of having to reset them every time you join a new match - also spoken about here.
    • Make it so you can drink pots and the effect stays during the warmup, what is actually the point of the warmup otherwise - also means some people waste pots without realising the potion effect is going to be reset when the countdown is done.
    There's probably others I just can't think of them, feel free to post below and I'll add to the list for convenience.
    1. Add an annihilation practice mode. It's the biggest gamemode on the network and often I go to GG to warmup to PvP but neither MineZ or HCF have similar combat inventories. I suggest a leather kit (possibly scout as it's the default PvP class), a full iron kit (full prot 1 and sharp 1 iron) and a diamond kit (full prot 1 and sharp 1 diamond again). The maps could include a selection of popular mids as these are PvP hot spots.
    2. An ELO system would be great. Even if the whole point of GG is to practice, it's in the networks interest to keep people coming back, create that dopamine trap and get people addicted to trying to be at the top of the podium! The system could be very similar to the competitive SMASH gamemode which also had a similar ELO system to competitive anni when it was a thing (the code must be lying around somewhere and could surely be altered a bit - I know it won't necessarily be easy but an important feature nonetheless). There's another thread about competitiveness here.
    3. Voymar's thread is important. MineZ is receiving a lot of love right now and it's great but why not let GG get some of this derived attention while also making MineZ more dimensional. He listed a lot of features... get them implemented!
    I think that's all for now. GG has potential but it feels tired. I know this will require a lot of work but that won't happen with at least getting some active full admins on the case.
    Thanks :)
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  2. Upside_Down Regular Member

  3. JeTi_Brothers Platinum


    While I do think that the changes you guys have in mind would greatly benefit GG, the fact that it currently only has 3 players makes me feel like it is a waste of time to develop this mode. Shotbow already feels limited with its developers. Wouldn't it be far more beneficial to use these resources on gamemodes that atleast have a kind off decent playercount like Annihilation and Minez? A gamemode with not even 10 players on it feels like a dead end to me.
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  4. squallythewally Obsidian

    Mistri told me GG will be soon implemented to MineZ. You're right, Shotbow should probably move in the direction of condensing the number of gamemodes and concentrate on the proven successes.
  5. MarineAP Obsidian

  6. squallythewally Obsidian

    Thanks for all your work!
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