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Discussion GG is pretty broken

Discussion in 'GG' started by boogaert, Feb 8, 2017.

Discussion - GG is pretty broken
  1. boogaert Emerald

    The signs aren't accurate and will sometimes say servers are full, or have a ton of players when they have very few or no players. Also, the /quit command does not work. Lastly, KOTD is broken
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  2. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    If those bugs persist on the 1.9 instance, submit a bug report. I know for sure the signs are fixed on there.
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  3. Athys Platinum


    This bug is caused by the same bug that effects SMASH where the format of the language code (example: en_us) is different in the 1.11.2 (en_Us). This small change causes the signs on both GG / SMASH to crash, except on GG you are still allowed to join arenas whereas on SMASH you can't create a game. Anyways, on GG, anyone who joins an arena who has a different language code format (the en_Us_ to be specific) will cause that arena to crash. The major effect of this is that /quit is broken so players can only leave by doing /hub, however, using /hub doesn't actually take you out of the game, rather, it will still count you in the game. This is why you see the signs fill up very often or why there's a wrong amount of people in the arena, the sign is counting anyone who joined and is not removing anyone who left.

    As an admin, we are able to fix the signs periodically, just remember that whenever we place down a new sign, a new world is generated. This is why you see a few players on an arena when there's a ton of players online, removing a sign doesn't actually remove the world everyone is playing on, it just makes it inaccessible. Hopefully I was able to address your concerns!
  4. DutchBartje Emerald

    Hey Athys!

    First of all, great explanation, it really helped me understand what's going on.
    I think 2 months ago, I wasn't able to do /quit or /q, so I used /hub, but as you mentioned in your reply: It doesn't actually take you out of the game, rather, it will still count you in the game. As this is the reason the signs fill up to it's maximum amount.

    It's an alright solution to manually fix the signs periodically, but as many of us know, the admins are not always online, so we still encounter this bug.

    Two or three days ago, I tried to use /quit or /q again and it worked. I thought that Shotbow managed to fix the well-known sign bug, but sadly this wasn't the case. I keep asking myself why /quit or /q works fine for me now, but some time ago it didn't work. I thought it was linked to the /pref command in Annihation, which I'm also able to do all of a sudden.
    Can you explain me why this is working for me now and for others it is not working?
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