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Suggestion Get more apples - Sword with Fort 3

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ElSrCHUCK, Jun 30, 2021.

Suggestion - Get more apples - Sword with Fort 3
  1. ElSrCHUCK Platinum

    Hello Annihilation community! I've been thinking about the big problem everyone has when it comes to rushing, and that is getting apples.
    Since farmer was nerfed it takes a long time to get apples even when you are playing with a team, it could sometimes take up more than 10 min to get an apple, which could get annoying sometimes.
    I was doing some tests to see if i could get more apples by breaking the same amount of leaves in the same place (1286 approximately) and a solution that occurred to me was to be able to add a sword that has the enchantment of "Fortune 3".


    The probability of getting an apple according to the official minecraft wiki is 0.5%. With each level of fortune you can have more probability of getting it, but because of the plugin that shotbow has you can not break leaves with tools and you can not put a fortune book on a sword.


    Fortune 3 increases the probability of getting an apple to 0.83% which is not much of a difference but increases the probability.


    Maybe a diamond sword is broken for some players, but an iron sword may be better off having 251 uses.
    Obviously luck can vary a lot for everyone and in game, but a little help does not hurt (Luck effect doesn't work either).

    (The name is just a suggestion) :stuck_out_tongue:


  2. wosc Regular Member

    sounds good since obtainable only from boss buff this will enable teams to consider boss as more important
  3. Nicson Emerald

  4. DanielM78 Obsidian

    Por la rechucha, que clase de magia es esa :v
  5. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    Hey CHUCK,

    I like how much effort you put into your thread! :)

    It sounds like a cool idea at first glance. However, the most powerful item of the game should be relatively hard to obtain. As every single teammate receives a Boss Buff upon killing a Boss and considering it only takes 5 minutes until a new one spawns, it would get considerably easier to farm apples with that sword.
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  6. soto Platinum

    Make it Fortune 1, just like the Looting 1 sword then.
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  7. ElSrCHUCK Platinum


    Hi JT, thanks for your comment and opinion. :)

    Well, what you say is true, but several points must be taken into consideration:

    1- With Fort 3 doesn't even give you a 1% probability to get an apple, if it is considered high, maybe it would be better if the sword have Fort 1 or 2 as soto said.
    2- Consider make the sword of iron (251 uses) or stone (132 uses) instead of diamond for less durability.
    3- Today, a gapple is a strong element in the game as you say, but with strength 2 (even 1) and a good sword you can easily kill a full iron or even a full diamond with low protection even if they have eaten a gappple, strength is a powerful item too and easy to obtain.
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  8. yolked_ Regular Member

    Pero que buena idea
  9. SnowVi1liers Annihilation Mini Admin

    A possible suggestion could be to have looting be the factor rather than fortune, it saves some coding for the developers...You could also nudge the possibility to whatever the admins think is suitable... But the general idea to have fortune/looting increase the chance to get apples somewhat is a good one... or maybe when you do get an apple you have a chance to get 2 instead.

    Just some ideas :)
  10. IEvadeTax Gold

    I like this idea, it would increase the importance of boss.

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